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How do I display data collected from a Custom Form on my site?

To do this you need to create two Pages. There is a tutorial video that explains it in detail, but here is an overview.

1) Create a Page and set it's Page Type to Custom Form List View.  Also set it's Custom Form (where it will get it's data) to the Custom Form you want to display data from. Save the Page.

2) Go into "Edit Mode" to display the grids and edit the purple "Edit" region on the Page.  This is the "View".  You can select the fields you want to display any way you want them displayed. Save the page.

You should see rows of data if you don't have any filters set up.  You can add filters to limit the data, and also add a search box to the view.  Search only searches the data fields that you specified.


If you want to drill into the data from the "View" to expose more data, you would create a Custom Form Item View page and link it to the Custom Form List View (above), like this:


This will tell the Form Item View page which form entry to display.


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