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The website platform you'll never outgrow.

liveSite is the affordable enterprise website platform.

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An enterprise website solution without an enterprise price tag

We create “peace of mind” by handling everything from setup and migration, to hosting, monitoring and ongoing support. One reliable, flexible, and scalable website platform that you won’t outgrow.

Benefits For Executives

Your website should be the hardest-working member of your staff

Integrate information and payments online for your clients, customers, staff, members, donors, volunteers, and everyone in between. With no hidden fees, long-term commitments, and unlimited user licenses, you pay one low price no matter how big your organization is.

Benefits For Managers

Bring all your online interactions together under one branded experience

With integrated customer segmentation, promotion, contact management, SEO, social media, and email marketing, liveSite offers one seamless solution that ties all your touchpoints together, under your control.

Benefits For Marketers

Your online presence will flourish

Armed with only a web browser and internet connection, each of your teams can securely access their own areas of your website to publish pages, post to blogs, build registration forms, and manage their own mailing lists and group calendars.

Benefits For Content Managers

Managing your website should not keep you up at night

We take the stress out of managing an enterprise website. With our integrated approach to content migration, features, upgrades, security, software customization, monitoring, and support, all you have to do is delegate who does what.

Benefits For Webmasters

Limitless web design options

Create a web design using any responsive framework you already know. Import your design assets in seconds and edit them with our built-in Page Designer.

Benefits For Designers

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Successful businesses and organizations of all types are powered by liveSite.

Building custom website solutions for organizations of all sizes for over 25 years.