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liveSite is a back-end website engine that can drive any front-end website design.

Site Design        

Import your entire existing website and any custom responsive HTML design, so you’ll never have to compromise the look of your website for the sake of your website platform again.

Complete Website Template
Every liveSite starts with a complete website template ready to go, so you can quickly remove the site areas you don’t need instead of taking the time to learn how to build them.

Responsive Design Theme
Every liveSite starts with a fully-responsive front-end theme so you can start creating pages and adding content without the need to create a website design first. At any time you can replace the default site design with your own design.

Instant Migration
It can be real hassle to migrate to a new website platform. You might have hundreds or thousands of pages, images, and document files within your old website. liveSite import feature will scan your existing website and import all your content and files with the click of a button.

Import any Design
Import any responsive website or purchased template, it's digital assets, and design files with a click of a button. Then you can make quick work of connecting your web pages to liveSite's back-end functionality using simple HTML tags.

Multiple Designs
Front-end designs can be used to “skin” any area of your website so you can have one design for your public website areas and a totally different design for your many portal areas.

Protected Designs
User access control includes a “Designer” role that protects design files and front-end code from getting messed up by non-designer users. Yeah, it can happen.

Consistent Designs
Creative Style Guides are welcome here. Add your own Custom Formats and restrict the use of fonts and colors so your content editors will be forced to add content that has a consistent “look and feel” across all pages.

Responsive Design Theme
Every liveSite starts with a fully-responsive front-end theme so you can start creating pages and adding content without the need to create a website design first. At any time you can replace the default site design with your own design.

With just a dozen custom HTML tags, you can quickly connect your front-end web page designs to liveSite’s powerful back-end functionality.

No Desktop Software Required
Upload all your digital assets, photos, and code files using drag-n-drop or by importing them in a ZIP file. Edit code files and images in place on the server without the need for FTP or any other desktop design software.

Multiple File Upload
You can upload one or many files with drag and drop ease. Zip files are automatically unpacked for you too.

Page Designer
Edit your markup and code files from within your web browser and see an instant preview of your changes across all devices. No need to FTP files back and forth to the web server every time you need to make a change.

Theme Preview Mode
View, test, and share your design updates with other users across your production pages, without affecting your site visitors. There is no need for a separate development site.

Page Styles
Create any number of responsive HTML page layouts for one or many pages. You can even create Page Styles for your newsletter pages that are sent using the built-in email campaign feature.

Designer Regions
Add HTML/JS/CSS code to any page or group of pages so you can edit the code in one place and it will be inherited by any number of pages.

Dynamic Regions
Add PHP code to your pages in the special case where you need to push or pull data from another application.

Menu Regions
Add your responsive navigation as unordered HTML lists and your content editors will be able to edit the menu without the need to access your HTML code.

Ad Regions
Built-in animated sliding and rotating banner areas provide your content editors with an easy way to stack, slide, and fade them on any page.

Site Administration

No software or servers to manage or monitor. That’s our job. You get instant access to visitor trends, the most recent site updates and activity across your site as soon as you login.

Cloud Hosted
As a cloud-based solution, you don’t have to hassle with networks, firewalls, servers, data security, security patches, and all that other technical mumbo jumbo. We manage it all in for you in our state-of-the-art data center.

Site Monitoring
Every hosted liveSite is monitored 24/7/365 by our proprietary monitoring system that continually watches for and clears server traffic jams and protects your site from spambots and malicious postings. We have over 60 probing servers located around the world that test your website each minute of every day to ensure it’s up and running. If it’s not, our server team is alerted instantly to begin resolving any issues.

Automatic Software Upgrades
We provide free software updates for all Hosted or Managed customers. with new feature enhancements and fixes applied to your liveSite automatically, you are always running the most current version.

Redundant Backups
We backup your entire liveSite on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to ensure you never have to worry about data loss.

Site Restore Services
Since we maintain several backups of your website, we can restore your entire liveSite, or just a portion of it quickly if the need arises.

Optimized Page Loading
Through the use of the newest browser techniques, caching, CDNs, and parallel requests, liveSite is massively optimized for speed. Even with hundreds of thousands of data points coming together on a single page - it’s almost instantaneous.

Welcome Dashboard
Get instant access to visitor trends, the most recent site updates, and the most recent site activity across your entire website as soon as you login.

Search Engine Referrals
Track each visitor by the search engine and keyword. Backtrack to view the specific page that the visitor was on before arriving at your website.

Google Analytics
Analyzing your website traffic is easy. With Google Analytics now built into liveSite, just enter your Google Analytics Tracking ID and all your pages are tracked automatically. Again, no coding, and no worries.

Visitor Reports
Google Analytics provides most of the site visitor data you’ll need. But for questions like: “What email campaign brought them to the site?” or “What form did they submit”? or “Did they start and order and abandon it?” you can create your own Visitor Reports for answers.

Site Log
Track all site changes in real-time based on User and IP address so you will always know who changed what.

Secure Modes
liveSite is designed around data security so not only are your transactions encrypted, but all your content and login transmissions are too which is not true of all popular web platforms.

IP Blocking
Having trouble with fraudsters or trolls interacting with your site? No problem. We show you their IP address so you can block an IP range of a signal IP address quickly and easily. We block their forms, comments, and orders gracefully so they don’t even know you’ve blocked them.

User Management

Add unlimited member and client portals, and delegate every aspect of site design, site content, and site management to your staff using amazingly flexible access control.

Unlimited User Accounts
Unlike most enterprise website platforms, liveSite allows for an unlimited number of Users so you can grow your site without growing your cost.

Role-based User Access
Delegate and restrict any aspect of site building, site design, site content, and site management to others using flexible access control. There are infinite ways to delegate user access to any feature or section of your website securely. Users can be given trial access to areas and have their access expire after any period of time. Users can also manage their own account profiles including time zones, contact information, mailing lists, and passwords.

Intranets & Extranet Portals
Not only can you manage and update your public website pages, you can also create and manage private site areas for your staff, customers, members, or partners to access.

User Badges
Add a visible badge next to the display of any username. Badges are great to identify or differentiate posts and comments made by special groups of users on your website.

Unlimited Blogs
Manage all your bloggers in one place with unlimited blogs. Restrict blogs for different audiences if necessary.

Create secure micro sites within your website and even redirect users automatically to their micro site when they login.

User Self-Management
All guests, customers, members, subscribers, staff, and managers can change or retrieve their password at anytime.

Remember Me Feature
If enabled, liveSite can remember the user’s username and password on returning visits from the same computer.

Import Users
Upload and create User accounts and assign privileges automatically from a text file, or spreadsheet.

Content Management

Integrated CMS features empower your staff to create, publish, and update website content easily. Site maps, tag clouds, full-text search, and SEO metadata are all updated in real-time.

No Desktop Software Required
Using any popular web browser, your staff can update website content, features, and create reports from their office, home, or on the road.

The integrated content management system allows you to delegate, create, publish, manage, secure, and update website content and media easily.

Real-time Editing
Browse to any web page you have edit rights too and edit content right on the web page.

Image Editing
Crop, re-size, rotate, colorize, and compress your photos and images without leaving the web page.

liveSite includes a full-featured word processor that makes it easy for anyone to add text, photos, and links effortlessly. The new editor is nicer looking, faster, provides full support for all the most popular browsers.

Media Support
Upload and play audio or video from any page on your website, or embed video from any online service like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

Unlimited Web Pages
Create unlimited web pages and connect them to each other to create powerful workflow apps.

Unlimited Page Layouts
Create page layouts and use them for landing pages or across any area of your website.

Access Control
Mark pages and files as public, or restrict access to any group of users like your staff, customers, clients, members, project teams, or even a specific individual.

Site Map
Sitemap.xml file checked by search engines is generated automatically for your entire website for faster listing in the search engines and to improve your site ranking. liveSite automatically submits your sitemap to various search engines when necessary. You can also edit the sitemap.xml file, as well as your own robots.txt file.

Rotating Home Pages
This feature allows you to perform A/B market testing, or just keep your website interesting to frequent visitors by rotating several home pages.

Landing Pages
Create landing pages for your email campaigns, product announcements, affiliates, and click-thru advertisements.

Shared Content & Menus
Unlimited page areas and menus can be created and shared across several or all web pages.

File Sharing
Securely share files with your staff, members, customers, or guests, allowing them to view or download the files from their own location.

Secure File Downloads
Make any file available for download from your website. Control access to downloads based on a user’s privileges or automatically after an online purchase.

Unlimited Folders
Create unlimited folders to place pages and files to secure them for specific audiences. Built-in security prevents unauthorized access from deep-linking.

Photo Galleries
Create unlimited photo galleries for everyone to see, or restrict viewing to specific audiences. Use the optional Photo Album feature to allow your audience to navigate multiple Photo Gallery collections from the same page.

Media Galleries
Create galleries where you're visitors can browse or search videos and other rich media - just like, but without the unwanted ads.

Add rotating ads into your website designs to create animated home page banners, presentation slides within pages, or traditional rotating ad images and content anywhere on your site. Requires no Adobe Flash technology so it works on all mobile devices.

Classified Ads
Allow guests or members to post items of interest for others to read.

Self-Expiring Content
Post current news and information to your website, intranet, or extranet and have it expire automatically after a specified period of time.

Site Search
Allow visitors to search your website pages and even inside your file attachments. Only page and file content that the visitor or user has access to will be displayed. Content editors can even specify which pages and products are included in the search results and in what order.

Tag Clouds
Add Tag Clouds to expose searchable content and make it easier for visitors to find related content.

Archive Feature
Any Page or File can be archived. Archived pages will still be available to Content Managers, but not to any other visitor to the page.

Forms Management

Create custom web forms to gather information securely for any reason, including event registrations, custom product purchases, trial memberships, and even online quizzes.

Unlimited Web Forms
Create unlimited web forms and embed them into any page to create interactivity and gather data throughout your website.

Sign-up Forms
Allow visitors or members to sign up for events online. E-mail event information to the submitter automatically and notify the event coordinator when a registration is completed.

Online Registration
Quickly link web forms together to create sophisticated registration processes. A unique reference code is assigned to each submitted form for tracking and auditing.

Quizzes & Certification Testing
Create online quizzes or tests and even display a certificate for those with a passing score.

Web Form Builder
Simply point and click to build custom web forms to capture data into your secure liveSite database. Add workflow and required fields to your web forms.

Secure Web Forms
If you are collecting sensitive personal or financial information, you can encrypt web forms.

Editable Web Forms
Allow users to edit only their own submitted form data through your website. This is ideal when you are creating a directory page and you want each registered user to create and update their own directory entry.

CATPCHAs can be difficult to complete and turn away site visitors. Our simple CAPTCHA is easy and quick to answer, and only displayed when necessary, while still providing an impenetrable defense from SPAM for your site forms and comment fields.

Pre-fill Forms
Connect any web form to the contact database to automatically pre-fill form fields and update the contact database automatically when a web form is displayed or submitted.

File Attachments
E-mail links to downloads, instructions, directions, or simple “thank you” notices automatically after any form has been submitted.

Make any file available for download from your website. Control access to downloads based on a user’s privileges or automatically after an online purchase.

Restrict Access
Allow site visitors to submit web forms, or make certain web forms available only to your staff, customers, members, or even a specific user.

Secure Form Data
Restrict access to any set of collected form data.

Secure Data Views
Create custom data views for users to browse or search. Each view can restrict specific fields from display and the data views can be protected in secure Folders or to specific users.

Form Reports
View submitted form data online or in a spreadsheet. Additional tracking information can also be viewed including the submitter’s IP address, reference code, timestamp, and user account.

Import & Export Form Data
Import form data, such as a directory, and display the data on any page. Export submitted form data into a CSV or spreadsheet file for importing into a back-end database.

Contact Management

liveSite tracks every user interaction and automatically updates contact information and mailing lists, so you can effortlessly send timed e-mail campaigns to any user or audience segment.

Unlimited Contacts
The integrated contact database is populated and updated automatically for you as your site visitors interact with your website. There is no limit to the number of contacts you can store in your database.

Contact Groups
Organize your contacts into any number of Contact Groups and liveSite will keep them automatically as users interact with your site.

Mailing Lists
Create unlimited mailing lists and assign list management and e-mail broadcasting privileges to specific Contact Managers.

E-Mail Subscriptions
Open any Contact Group to subscribers so they can add and remove themselves from specific mailing lists at any time.

Send Personalized E-Mail Campaigns
Create e-newsletters, promotional message, and alerts, and broadcast to unlimited mailing lists. Mail merge including duplicate addresses and opt-out requests are handled automatically.

Scheduled Delivery
Schedule a future date and time to send your e-mail campaigns and they will be sent unattended.

Opt-Out Management
E-mail recipients can add or remove themselves from any mailing list instantly by clicking the link included with each e-mail message sent.

Automated E-Mail Campaigns
Send predefined e-mail campaigns to individuals based on actions they take on the website such as submitting a specific form, purchasing a specific product, or registering for a specific event. Auto campaigns can also trigger other auto campaigns (called 'drip campaigns') so you can setup your marketing campaigns and "set it and forget it", leaving liveSite to do all the work.

Branded or Text Messages
Keep your presence known by broadcasting full color HTML e-mails with clickable menus, links, and photos. You can also indicate that you want to send text-only messages instead if you have a mobile or low-fidelity user base.

Collect Contacts
Add contact forms to your website to capture and route requests. Contacts are automatically added to the contact database and auto-responders and notifications are e-mailed.

E-mail links to downloads, instructions, directions, or simple “thank you” notices automatically after a form has been submitted or an order has been placed.

Tracking Codes
Tracking codes are automatically added to any e-mail campaign you send so you can track recipient actions and any orders they place.

Offer Links
Attach offer codes to any web page link and customers will not have to remember to enter the order code during checkout.

Short Links / Permalinks
Attach memorable aliases to any page so your e-mail campaigns are easy to remember and manage.

Contacts Reports
Filter and view contacts by status, keyword, field, date range, group, or mailing list. Contacts can be viewed online or exported to a spreadsheet.

Import & Export Mailing Lists
Import your existing mailing lists from a spreadsheet or text file into the contact database or filter and export mailing lists into a text file or spreadsheet.

Import Contacts
Upload your existing address books from Outlook, Google, Yahoo!, ACT!, customer database, or CRM system.

Export Contacts
Filter and export contact groups into a text file or spreadsheet.

Membership Management

Create members-only areas within your website. Members can pay for access, sign up for a trial, or register using a security code you provide to access privileged content for a limited time.

Unlimited Members
Unlike most membership management solutions, liveSite allows you to manage all your members without any additional cost.

Membership Portal
Create members-only site area where members can login and securely update their contact information., purchase items, and renew their subscriptions.

Member Directory
Put your membership directory online and protect it behind a login so that only authorized members in good standing can access or update it.

Import Member Database
Import your existing membership database using a simple text or CSV file, including existing membership number and any expiration date.

Membership Trial Forms
Grant trial membership access through any Web Form.

Pay for Access
Members can purchase instant access to membership areas that can expire automatically after a certain period of time.

Membership Numbers
Allow existing members to create a website account using their existing membership number, or let your website automatically create a new membership number and account for them when they sign up for a trial, or purchase a membership online.

Membership Renewal Reminders
Automatically e-mail a renewal reminder message to any member when their membership is about to expire.

Membership Renewals
Members can pay for their renewal dues and their access to Members-only features will be reactivated automatically.

Membership Expirations
Automatically expire members access after some period of time, or if payment for recurring dues are not collected through the Website Payments Pro gateway.

Community & Social Media

Discussions can be enabled on any page so your users, members, staff, or any other group can communicate securely within their own private space to provide feedback or build consensus.

Create unlimited blogs so each staff member that needs a voice can post to their own blog and moderate comments.

Create unlimited forums within your website, control access to each of them, and provide the convenience of single-login for all forum participants.

Create a survey to gather feedback from your customers or members. Coordinators can be notified via e-mail when surveys are received and view results within a spreadsheet.

Build community throughout your site by allowing comments to be posted to any page. Great for providing feedback before publishing a page, or to allow visitors to post responses and reviews to articles, media, forums, products, or calendar events, to mention a few. Comments can be published immediately or approved first. You can decide whether visitors must login before they can add a comment, whether they can remain anonymous when posting, and even enable or disable new comments on any page at any time! To prevent SPAM, anonymous Comments are CAPTCHA-enabled automatically.

Comment Alerts
Anyone can receive an e-mail alert whenever a comment is posted. This is useful for notifying those interested in receiving updates from a forum thread, a blog, or any other page where comments are enabled.

Search Engine Optimized
Complex database URLs are automatically replaced with clearly labeled links so search engines can effectively crawl your public pages and better rank your website.

Meta Tags
Improve visibility with Search Engines by adding specific meta tags to any page individually, or use site-wide defaults.

RSS Feeds
All calendars, blogs, forums, and any other public data view you create are RSS-enabled so your site visitors can subscribe and get updates without visiting your site.

Social Media
Update your Facebook page or Twitter feed automatically when you post to any of your blogs.

Social Networking
Share your content with Facebook, Twitter, Google +1, LinkedIn, and dozens of other popular sites.

User Badges
User badges are a great way to build trust within your online communities.

Calendaring & Scheduling

Create public calendars for visitors, or protected calendars for any group of users so they can quickly find event information, reserve a seat, or purchase a ticket.

Unlimited Calendars
Create calendars for your website with complete control over who can update them and who can view them.

Responsive Layouts
Calendars can be displayed as 'month at a glance', 'week at a glance', or only 'upcoming events'. Calendar layouts are responsive so the appropriate layout is displayed based on the computer or device viewing it.

Past Events
Past events can either roll off the calendar immediately or they can be unpublished after a certain number of days so older events don't confuse visitors.

You can assign any user with access to manage their own area calendar so you don't have to rely on a single person to manage all organization events.

Event Approval Process
Events can be drafted by any authorized user you specify, but only published on the calendar by the Calendar Manager.

Each published event contains an iCal link so visitors can instantly download and add the event to their own personal calendar.

Sign-up Forms
Allow visitors or members to sign up for events online. E-mail event information to the submitter automatically and notify the event coordinator when a registration is completed.

Event Notes
Add event notes that are only visible to facilities personnel that need more information to setup the venue for each audience.

Online Registration
Quickly link web forms together to create sophisticated registration processes. A unique reference code is assigned to each submitted form for tracking and auditing.

Attach products to calendar events to allow site visitors to pay to reserve available time slots in the schedule (think booking training sessions or office visits), purchase tickets to events, or reserve an available spot at your next private event.

Scheduling Conflicts
Enable scheduling for event locations, such as room reservations, and liveSite will resolve conflicts to keep events from overlapping.

Commerce & Payment Management

liveSite can process payments for almost any type of product, service, event, fee, or donation. And liveSite doesn't add any transaction fees on top of your own payment gateway.

PCI Compliant
Personal payment information is always encrypted, and not even stored on your web server after the transaction is processed through your payment gateway.

Sell Merchandise & Media
Take orders online for any type of product. Add unlimited product catalogs and unique checkout processes for each audience. Collect one-time donations or let donors schedule recurring donations themselves. Capture unlimited payments securely for products, services, tickets, registrations, and reservations.

Sell Recurring Services
Automatically charge a debit or credit card for recurring service fees over a period of time.

Sell Access
Sell access to private site areas, content, micro sites, downloads, documents, or multimedia. Access can be granted automatically upon online purchase.

Sell Downloads
Offer downloadable goods such as software and eBooks. Once ordered, a link to the protected downloads can be send via e-mail automatically.

Sell Gifts
Easily handle multiple shipping addresses and shipping methods per order, and even warn the shopper if arrival before a special date or occasion cannot be guaranteed.

Sell Perishable Items
Specify how each product is shipped, how quickly each must arrive, and limit the shipping destinations and PO Box deliveries.

Class Registration
Sign up students for your classes and charge them a fee. Limit the number of seats available, and allow registration to occur even after the first class has begun but before the course has concluded.

Ticket Sales
Offer ticket sales for any event. Chose to sell all the tickets you can, or limit the number of tickets available for the event. "Buy Tickets" link is removed automatically when the event is sold out, or if the event has already begun. This feature even works for recurring events too, each having their own inventory of tickets!

Allow customers to book and purchase your time, tables, rooms, facilities, rental properties, etc. Show your customers a calendar with date and times available. Add block-out dates or times. And when they purchase a specific time period you define, it becomes unavailable to others in real-time!

Collect Donations & Dues
Allow your sponsors to securely contribute to any fund on a one-time basis, or allow them to set their own recurring contribution schedule using their credit or debit card.

Custom Order Forms
Products can be displayed on order forms in many different ways. Link any number of order forms together to guide customers through specialized order processes.

Product Catalogs
Nest any number of product groups together to make it easy for your customers to browse through your products. Create multi-media product catalogs to enrich the shopping experience for your customers.

RSS Catalogs
Built-in RSS capabilities to Catalog and Order Form Pages so visitors can subscribe to changes in your Catalogs, Product lines, or even down to a specific Product. This feature also makes it possible to automatically import your ever-changing catalog on a continuous basis into other systems like Google Merchant Center.

Unlimited Products
Create unlimited products for any type of online transaction.

Featured Products and New Products
Create more exposure for your products by rotating new and featured products within your catalog pages.

Custom Order Processes
Create unlimited simple or complex secure shopping carts, orders, donations, payments, and checkout processes easily by linking pages together.

Send Personalized Quotes
E-mail personalized quotes that can be updated by both the customer and your sales team and can be purchased by your customer online.

Multiple Currencies
Allow your site visitors to display your prices and fees in their own currency. Even automate conversion rate updates over the Internet.

Base Currency Support
Set the base currency for all products pricing to any local currency so your transactions are processed without currency conversion fees through your payment gateway.

Special Offers
Create discounts for preferred customers or to move certain products. Special offers can be based on offer codes, products, quantities, key codes, or date ranges. Specify whether the "best" available offer is applied or all matching offers are applied to any order.

Additional Billing Information
Collect custom fields during checkout for specialty products and services.

Address Verification Support
Verify billing and shipping addresses in real-time with the US Postal Service database during checkout.

Verified Shipping Addresses
If you commonly ship products to physical addresses that are not easy for your customers to know (e.g. campgrounds, military bases, delivery stations, etc.), you can display a list of any number of locations for them to pick from, and pre-fill their shipping address fields with the correct mailing addresses.

Custom Shipping Forms
Collect special delivery instructions or other custom shipping information during checkout.

Express Checkout
Billing and shipping information is pre-filled automatically for returning customers to make reordering quick and simple.

Product Forms
Create custom web forms to collect specific fields when a product is ordered. This is ideal for fee-­based registrations or for any type of event or service.

Products and offers can be displayed based on products placed in the shopping cart. As products and quantities change, new deals can be continually offered, increasing sales.

Search Engine Optimized Stores
Add search engine meta data to your product pages and catalogs to enhance your visibility and ranking with search engines.

Google Shopping Search
Feed your product catalog data automatically into Google's Merchant Center. This means that your products can be listed, along with photos and pricing, to be found by anyone using Google's Shopping Search.

Tax can be applied by product, state or province, country, or shipping method.

Tax Exempt
Sell tax-exempt items and manage orders from resellers, non-profits, or individual donors.

Accept Credit & Debit Cards
Payments are deposited into your bank account automatically through a realtime secure gateway after the purchase card is checked for fraud and available credit. The most popular payment gateways are supported including Stripe, Paypal Express Checkout, PayPal Payments Pro, PayPal Payflow Pro,, Clear Commerce, First Data Global Gateway, and Sage Payment Solutions.

Accept PayPal Payments
Allow your customers to purchase your products and services using their PayPal account.

Terms Acceptance
All customers and sponsors are required to agree to your terms before their order is processed.

Customized Receipts
Display a customized order receipt and optionally email product-specific information for each product ordered.

Post-Sale Processes
Route customers and sponsors to custom post-sale processes based on specific items purchased

E-mail links to downloads, instructions, directions, or simple “thank you” notices automatically after an order has been placed.

Drop Shipments
Specify an e-mail address that will receive an email copy of any orders that include a specific product.

Order Reports & Commission Reports
Create order reports and share them with others. View sales commissions by affiliate.

Product Import & Export
Import and export unlimited products. This is great for importing your product from another database or spreadsheet, or making mass price changes to all your products at one time.

Product Inventory
Manage inventory levels for all products and services. When the inventory is gone, you can decide whether a customer can backorder the product, or see a customizable "out of stock" message and disable product ordering.

Order Exporting
Orders can be filtered and exported as multiple CSV files for importing into accounting systems, or as a single spreadsheet file for easy viewing and manipulation.

Affiliate Support
Sign up sales affiliates to drive traffic to your web store using the built-in application and approval process. Different commission rates can be set up for each affiliate and/or product. Now with advanced reporting and accounting workflow.

Customer & Affiliate Self-Management
Customers and Affiliates can update their contact, billing, shipping, recipients address book, e-mail preferences, and password at any time.

View Saved Carts
Customers can easily return to your website and retrieve saved carts, incomplete orders, or unprocessed donations.

Order History
Customers can return at any time and view past orders and reprint receipts.

Shipment Tracking
Allow your customers to track shipments from within liveSite. Tracking codes from major shipping carriers like UPS, FEDEX, and USPS are automatically detected and linked to their package tracking websites. Supports split order tracking, or when multiple shipments are required for a single order.

Instant Reordering
Customer can return and quickly reorder products and services.

Recipient Addresses
A personalized address book is created for each customer so previous recipient's shipping addresses can be recalled instantly.

Sales Commissions
Affiliates can login and track their sales commissions in real time, and now supports recurring commissions.

Strong, industry standard SSL encryption is integrated into all features for the ultimate in website security. Built-in support to protect you from site hi-jacking when you are using free wifi hotspots to edit your website.

Pay-Per-Click Tracking
Track results from your paid search engine advertising and compare pay-per-click vs. organic referrals.

Custom Apps & Workflow

Collect any type of data and display through secure and personalized views. Sync with user data, update custom databases, and trigger autoresponders and future e-mail campaigns.

Custom Applications
By assigning Page Types to your pages and connecting them together, you can add data-driven, interactive features to your website. You don’t have to know application or database programming.

Custom Databases
Create custom databases to collect or import data that can then be displayed through filtered and protected data views.

Data Views
Display data on any page to create custom data reports for specific audiences or specific users.

Add any type of directory page to your website, including photos and contact information.

Custom Processes
Connect pages together to create custom registration or order processes.

Automated E-Mail Notifications & Alerts
Notify coordinators, sales, or support representatives when web forms are submitted, orders are placed, users register, etc. Also trigger third-party e-mail applications.

Code Hooks
Trigger third-party web services whenever certain web forms are submitted or orders are placed.

Every liveSite comes complete with an enterprise website ready to customize!

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