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Apr.16.2019 / Announcement / 0 Comments

Is Your Website Exposing Your Business to a Lawsuit?

Many people have disabilities, including visual or hearing impairments, which affect their ability to interact with your website. If you don't make an effort to accommodate them, they could start fighting back.

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Feb.1.2019 / Release / 0 Comments

Plenty of new features are baked into liveSite v2019.1

Hundreds of mission-critical websites are powered by liveSite. We have plenty of new reasons yours should be too — baked right in.

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Jun.4.2018 / Announcement / 0 Comments

Fresh Face of Ministry

The North Texas Conference of The United Methodist Church has a new website developed by Camelback Web Architects and powered by liveSite.

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Jan.8.2018 / Security / 0 Comments

Meltdown & Spectre Vulnerabilities

Security flaws disclosed within CPU chips which are in use by most computers, tablets, and smartphones, regardless of manufacturer or operating system.

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May.31.2017 / Release / 0 Comments

Introducing liveSite Open Source

The software that powers thousands of websites is now available as open source.

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