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Feb.1.2017 / Security / 0 Comments

Insecure Browser Warnings

This week a new release of the popular Firefox and Chrome browsers are being rolled out to millions of users that will highlight insecure login pages.

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Jan.27.2017 / New Features / 0 Comments

liveSite v2017.1 Released

liveSite v2017.1 is released including real-time shipping rates and other great features.

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Aug.4.2016 / New Features / 1 Comments

liveSite Hosting now running 2016.2

liveSite v2016.2 spotlights new front-end design features! All hosted liveSite plans have been upgraded!

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Jan.29.2016 / New Features / 2 Comments

liveSite Hosting now running 2016.1

We are happy to announce that all our liveSite Hosting Plan customers are now running liveSite version 2016.1!

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Oct.12.2015 / New Features / 0 Comments

liveSite v9.1 Arrives

Announcing liveSite v9.1, packed with almost a year's worth of software development and customer feedback!

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