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SSD Performance Arrives

We are pleased to announce blazing fast performance for your hosted liveSite website with new Solid-State Drives (SDD).

Jun.17.2014 / Release / 0 Comments

We are pleased to announce that all liveSite Pro and Elite Hosting Plans have just been upgraded to SSD servers!

SSD provides blazing fast performance for web-based applications like liveSite so we are real excited to learn that the average page-loading speed has increase by up to 3 times (and even more in some cases).

This is not a hybrid solution — these are fully native SSD servers using battery-backed hardware RAID. And these are not consumer SSDs either — we’re using only reliable, insanely fast, datacenter-grade SSDs that won’t slow down over time. The transition to these more expensive servers reenforces our commitment to maintaining the gold standard in liveSite hosting.

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