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Fresh Face of Ministry

The North Texas Conference of The United Methodist Church has a new website developed by Camelback Web Architects and powered by liveSite.

Jun.4.2018 / Announcement / 0 Comments

The North Texas Conference of The United Methodist Church reached out to Camelback Web Architects to redesign their website from the ground up to better service their mission: To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

NTCUMC needed an association website that was easy to read and easy to navigate on all desktops and mobile devices. As is typical with growing organizations, over time, many independent websites and blog sites get created and managed by different teams. The unintended consequences become a lack of consistent design, navigation, functionality, delegation, and control. To further complicate things, as new features are needed, it becomes almost impossible to add them across the different website platforms.

So the decision to start over was made not long before their annual conference. Our directive was to combines all 6 websites they had created into one website so they could delegate and manage features and content across the site easily by the different teams. And get it all done and launch the new website ahead of the annual conference. Yikes! A tall order but doable so we began.

We knew going into the project that our team and the client's team would need to work with precision to get it all done in time. We started with an Information Architecture discussion on how the content would be laid out, and how each audience the website served would clearly and easily navigate to the information they sought. Once that phase was completed, the teams determined the site design and visual aesthetics that would compliment the content and navigation and make the site visitors comfortable in their quest for information. We incorporated new NTCUMC branding to further enhance the look. Once completed, the teams began moving and creating content for the new site from the 6 websites it would be replacing. We finished the project with some SEO cleanup so that site visitors and search engines with any old website links would find that they still work on the new website.

We are happy to report that we launched the new site ahead of the annual conference on our liveSite Hosting Platform. We were able to complete the project on-time and on-budget to the delight of the NTCUMC and all it's members!

Check it out and tell us what you think:

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