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Insecure Browser Warnings

This week a new release of the popular Firefox and Chrome browsers that will highlight insecure login pages.

Feb.1.2017 / Security / 0 Comments

This week a new release of the popular Firefox and Chrome browsers are being rolled out to millions of users. With these new releases comes a new insecure warning icon on any web page that includes a login form if the site doesn't have an SSL Certificate. This change affects our Pro Plans because they do not include an SSL Certificate.

What the browsers are doing is actually smart, because technically, without encrypting all communications between the browser and the web server, a sophisticated hacker who is on your same network (like public WIFI) could potentially obtain your liveSite username and password.

So why do we offer a Pro Plan if it could be vulnerable? Cost. SSL Certificates must be purchased for each domain name individually, verified by a third-party security firm, and installed on your web server. This process happens again each and every year. This is expensive to provide so we offer it only to our Elite Plan customers that must collect sensitive payment and personal information or boost their search engine rankings. Pro Plan customers may not necessarily worry about this threat if they typically login to liveSite from a private network, but if you are offering a public portal to your clients or members, they will see this warning icon and begin to lose confidence in your website. 

Upgrade Your Plan

To make it easier to upgrade your Pro Plan to the Elite Plan, for a limited time we are offering 2 months free each and every year! And not only do you get an SSL Certificate for your domain installed and managed for you, you can take advantage of all the other great features also included in the Elite Plan!

So login to and visit your My Sites page today and click on 'Upgrade Plan' so you and your portal customers can login to your site with confidence!

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