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Working with Offers

Learn how to use Offers to increase your online sales!

Jan.15.2014 / Other / 2 Comments

In this week's video blog, we'll take a look at setting up Offers to provide discounts to your customers based on products or services they select during their shopping experience on your website. Offers in liveSite are a great way to increase your online sales and by adding upselling to the mix — will also increase your average order totals to boot.

We'll discuss how Offers can be simple or complex, based on how you like to sell and how your customers like to buy. And since liveSite can handle just about any type of transaction you can dream up, Offers are not only useful for traditional shopping sites, but they can also be just as effective with Membership Sites and Non-Profit Sites that collect donations. liveSite handles it all with ease. We hope you enjoy this video!


Working with Offers


You will find more detailed information about Offers within the online Help documentation found inside your liveSite Control Panel.

We want to hear from you! Please post your comments and share your success with Offers in liveSite!

Added by heatherirene

For Commerce, how does one remove the sample data w/o deleting it? In setting up a Commerce section, I like to use the existing sample as a guide. That's what it's really there for right? In setting up categories for our online store, I can't "move" the sample data categories; I can only delete them. Where to/ how can the sample Commerce categories, products, and offers be moved so they won't show up in the "Browse Categories" search menu?

I already disabled all the offers and whatnot. I buried a subfolder a few levels down in categories and called it "Archived Products," but that Archived Products still shows up in Browse Categories.

What happens to all the sample products, if I delete the sample category they're in? Deleting items is the only action I can think of left to take. How / why can't I move this data for future reference to the actual Archive folder under Folders?

I would like to be able to start building a store w/o having any of the sample data show up "live" anywhere, including the Browse menu.
Added by Camelback Web Architects STAFF

To remove any Products from being displayed on a Catalog Page, go to the Catalog Page and edit it's Page Properties. Select a different parent Product Group that does not include the Products you wish to hide. You may need to move and reorganize the Product Groups under the Commerce tab before you do this but you don't have to delete any Products to hide them.

Think of the Product Group in the Catalog Page as the top level folder of Products. Catalog Pages allow your customers to drill into the defined Product Group and all Product Groups / Products beneath it.
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