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Commerce portal - processes for CC orders where payment does not go through
by cynthiab8s ELITE

  0 3
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Images (some display others do not)
by movementnw ELITE

  12 48
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     We don't offer support to free liveSite users. From our consoles, we only "see" those post...    

Forms timing out
by mpearman

  0 9
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Using Special Characters in Menus
by wynwolf

  0 31
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by MPetty ELITE

  1 65
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     We used a javascript plugin called "fancy box" and used it to manipulate a Form List View ...    

Upgraded and Now Site is Messed Up
by movementnw ELITE

  4 71
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     For internal links to pages and files in livesite, you can use /fileorpagename or /fileorpagena...    

[[There is a value: ^^example^^ || There is not a value]]
by movementnw ELITE

  4 110
  movementnw ELITE     For anyone else that is reading this:

if you simply use [[example||]]


Newsletter emails not functioning properly for me
by waterfront ELITE

  5 89
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     Glad it's working for you now! Yes, please add your suggestions for our developers: https://livesite...    

Flash , Videos Interface
by echaparro SUBSCRIPTION

  1 67
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     echaparro, the newer versions of liveSite include a newer Rich Text Editor, which doesn't support fl...    

Email Response Images
by movementnw ELITE

  1 95
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     Typically, email clients like gmail have settings to block the images from being displayed by defaul...    

mobile version of livesite calendar
by emil@shipx

  0 76
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Custom Form Item View Emails
by movementnw ELITE

  1 75
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     Many email systems (like gmail) will strip out include files (css, js) in HTML emails messages for s...    

rollover image for product groups.
by hannah ELITE

  1 77
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     liveSite doesn't have a switch or setting for that so you would need to do some front-end coding tri...    

Billing Form Fields for Mobile Mode
by MPetty ELITE

  17 156
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     I can't see what page style your page is using from here but ...    

Logout Page
by movementnw ELITE

  4 131
  movementnw ELITE     I see what your saying...
You cant change it, but you can with JS....


Using "If" Tags
by movementnw ELITE

  2 749
  movementnw ELITE     Thank you    

Form Fields
by movementnw ELITE

  3 154
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     Make sure you scroll the listing area of your screen since some of the form fields can be hidden whe...    

custom form default value
by ldunlap ELITE

  2 119
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     The customer will see a date picker and today is highlighted for them to select if they wish, but I ...    

Editing list tabs
by Francy PRO

  5 585
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     Interesting. One thing to consider: It appears you have a few embedded code snippets within your &qu...    

Problems with Zend Optimizer and Ioncube
by lauriegrant PRO

  12 816
  honorusvalor SUBSCRIPTION     I ended up restoring a backup and everything came back up. No more Zend whatever, and changed the PH...    

No longer able to upload to 'Files' area
by jwadmin ELITE

  8 632
  jwadmin ELITE     This is my conversation with Bluehost. Any ideas on how to fix?

Chat ID: 6113768. Qu...

Copying Existing Site to New One
by rjpwilliams

  0 112
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