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Welcome to the most versatile, 100% browser-based enterprise website platform that makes it easy for front-end designers and webmasters to build and manage almost any type of website. Now you can manage every aspect of all your online organization, from web page publishing and portals, web forms and payment collections, to community blogs, forums and threaded discussions, to outbound e-mail campaigns.

The key is to separate the website's front-end design (HTML / CSS /JavaScript ) from the website's content and back-end functionality so web designers can import, customize and style their own page designs on top of liveSite's amazing back-end functionality. No other web design tools are required! And liveSite is more than a web development tool. Once the page designs are layout out the way you want them, your webmasters can take advantage of the CMS features and delegate content updates and control to others that need to manage areas of the site.

How it Works

The main concept behind this data-driven solution is it's simple but powerful "page-based" system, which allows web designers and webmasters to simply build a website by creating Pages, setting their interactive features, placing them into Folders, and linking them together. We have done all the hard work of packing years of web app experience into the back-end functionality so your site visitors can interact with your website with ease.

liveSite adds powerful and professionally-designed interactive features to any new or existing website design. In a typical website, there are many HTML pages, each providing only one function - to publish to the Internet. This system offers many different interactive "Page Types", each designed to provide integrated building blocks to automatically insert interactive features like calendars, photo galleries, blogs, forums, directories, order forms, login pages, my account pages, custom forms, data views, product catalogs, and shopping carts, to any web page on your site.

You can combine these interactive pages to create simple or complex website applications without the need to know any database programming or website security. You can create roles and access control for all features and tasks so you can delegate access to management functions, design templates, content areas, and menus, providing the building blocks to create interactive client extranets, staff intranets, member portals, and other web and e-mail publishing applications - all integrated into one database driven solution. And without any plugins to install or update.


liveSite is also flexible website management system that allows you to assign access to all features and delegate tasks to your work force. Here are the roles that have been created within liveSite to manage access to website features and content:

  • Any Person with basic contact information is a "Contact"
  • Any Contact with an e-mail address and opt-in status is a "Subscriber"
  • Any Contact that has a Member ID, but does not have a corresponding User is an "Unregistered Member"
  • Any Person that accesses a Page or File is a "Visitor"
  • Any Visitor that submits Form Data is a "Submitter"
  • Any Visitor that adds a Comment to a Page is a "Contributer"
  • Any Visitor that views a Form List View is a "Viewer"
  • Any Visitor that completes an Order is a "Customer"
  • Any Visitor who registers successfully is a "User"
  • Any Visitor who has registered as a Member, or granted Membership through a Custom Form or Order is a "Member"
  • Any User that has been approved to earn a commission on their Orders is an "Affiliate"
  • Any User with "view" rights to any Private Folder is a "Private User"
  • Any User with "edit" rights to a specific Submitted Form is a "Form Editor"
  • Any User with "edit" rights to any Folder or to shared content areas is a "Content Manager"
  • Any User with Content Management rights that approves Comments is a "Moderator"
  • Any User with Content Management rights that also has access to Forms is a "Forms Manager"
  • Any User with Calendar Management rights is a "Calendar Manager"
  • Any User with Commerce Management rights is an "Commerce Manager"
  • Any User with Ads Management rights is an "Ad Manager"
  • Any User with Visitor Report Management rights is a "Visitors Manager"
  • Any User with Contact Management rights is a "Contact Manager"
  • Any User with rights to send e-mail campaigns is a "Campaign Manager"
  • Any User with the Manager Role is a "Site Manager"
  • Any User with the Designer Role is a "Site Designer"
  • Any User with the Administrator Role is a "Site Administrator"

About Docs

The Docs are organized to follow the layout of the liveSite Control Panel itself. You can either browse or search the Docs from our website, or you can click on the "Help" button you will find on every screen within liveSite. Clicking on "Help" within liveSite will launch a new browser window and load the specific Doc for the screen you are viewing providing a great reference.


When you first log into liveSite, you will be presented with the Welcome screen. This dashboard displays bookmarks to the most recent site updates and latest activity across the website.

You are viewing this screen because you have either just successfully logged into the Control Panel, or you have clicked on the logo in the top lefthand corner of the Control Panel. All users that can access the Control Panel will be redirected to this screen when they first login, unless they are accessing a protected page or file, or have a "Start Page" selected in their User account.

NOTE: Each User will only see information on the Welcome screen that they have access too.

Control Panel

The Control Panel is accessible to Users with management privileges to one or more areas in liveSite. The Control Panel contains quick links to common features shared by all Users, located across the top of every screen.

Here is a quick overview of the Control Panel to help you get around:

Quick Links
You can view the Welcome page anytime by clicking on the logo at the top lefthand corner of the Control Panel from anywhere within the Control Panel.
Occasionally, notifications might appear to the right of the logo. These notifications will alert you about various things. For example, they will warn you if your subscription has expired or if there is an available software update.
Site Settings:
This screen contains all site-wide settings and defaults for your website. Only Site Managers and Site Administrators can access and update these settings.
Hi, username:
This will link to your website's My Account page, where you can update your personal contact information, order history, e-mail subscriptions, etc., for your User account.
Clicking this link will log you out of liveSite and redirect you to your website's Login page. Closing all browser windows will also log you out.
My Start Page:
This link will only be displayed if you have a "Start Page" defined for your User account. This feature provides a fast way to jump to your Start Page (kinda like a bookmark) from anywhere within the Control Panel.
Home Icon:
This link will go directly to any one of the Home Pages selected for your website. It provides a fast way to preview your website from anywhere within the Control Panel.
This link will launch the help window for the screen you are currently viewing. It will follow your mouse clicks and change on each click as long as you have it open.

Below the Quick Links, the Control Panel also includes several tabs across the top. Each tab groups common sets of features together. Only tabs that you have access to will be visible to you. To learn more about each tab, click on the Tab, and click "Help" to view the documentation for the screen.

TIP: When referring to tabs in the help documentation, we enclose them in brackets, like this: [PAGES].

Navigation Bar

Below the tabs is a colored area where common links are displayed, based on the area and screen you are viewing.

Button Bar

Below the Navigation Bar is the optional Button Bar, that will contain button to create or edit properties or update features.

Main Content Area

Below the Button Bar is the main content area where you can search features and update them.

Control Panel Footer

Below the Main Content area is the Control Panel footer which may contain links to contact our sales and support teams, and the version of the software you are using.

Site Log

This screen allows you to audit all website events and changes to any website feature by any site Visitor or User.

Every action is logged, from login attempts, to updates to Folders, Pages, Files, Calendars, to Users, Contacts, Campaigns, and Commerce.

Each action is tracked by IP address of the computer where the action originated.

Entries that are older than 6 months will be automatically deleted in order to increase website performance and save disk space.

NOTE: To access the Site Log, click on the "Site Log" button on the Button Bar of the Welcome screen.

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