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Can I add HTML or JavaScript for integrating a third-party application or script?

Yes, you can add javascript code into liveSite. However, for security reasons, the Rich-Text Editor strips out third-party code, so you will need to place your code in either a Designer Region or within the Page Styles.

Here is how you would add your code to a Designer Region:

  • Click the Design tab.
  • Click All Designer Regions.
  • Click Create Designer Region.
  • Enter a name, paste in the HTML/JavaScript code, and click Save.
  • Click All Page Styles.
  • Select a Page Style to add the Designer Region to or duplicate an existing Page Style.
  • If you are using a System Page Style you will see the Style Designer.
  • Add the Designer Region into the Page Style where you want the code to appear.
  • If you are using a Custom Page Style, you will see the HTML code for the page. Place the <cregion>example_designer_region_name</cregion> tag into the Page Style where you want the code to appear.
  • Make sure at least one Page is using the Page Style so you can test your code.
  • Repeat for any other Page Styles you wish to add the code too.


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