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Can I build multiple websites with a single copy of liveSite?

Yes, you can create any number of website within a single liveSite, each with their own menus, page layouts, and design.

Keep in mind, there are some limitations to this approach:

1. System Pages such as the "My Account" page are shared across a liveSite.

2. The same Site Admins, Designers, and Managers are shared across a liveSite.

3. If you are collecting payments online, then the same domain name (because of SSL Certificate), and the same depository bank account are shared across a liveSite.


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Added by rbm11111

What about using a different theme for a different folder. How much can you change the colors, fonts, etc. in the CSS file vs. the location of blocks on the page which are page type-specific?
Added by Camelback Web Architects STAFF

You can do that. Since pages can inherit their design/layouts from their Folder, you can create Custom Page Styles for each Folder.

Each Custom Page Style can include any HTML, CSS, etc., so you can add different css files to each Page Style and thus to each Folder.
Added by writeitright

I have one website. How do I create a second site for a different business?
Added by Camelback Web Architects STAFF

You can either build the second site inside your existing liveSite or install a new liveSite for the second site.
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