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Can I insert music or movies on the page?

Yes, liveSite's Page Editor allows you to insert music, videos, or flash movies directly into a page.


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Added by DanielGasa

How is this done? I only see the ability to "insert/edit embedded media".
If I uploaded a wmp into my files, how do I get that video onto a page to play?
Added by DanielGasa

I click on the "insert/edit embedded media", but the choice(option) to "upload" is not there.
How do I upload my .wmv file onto my page?
Added by Camelback Web Architects STAFF

Yes, you can insert movies and media into your pages. You are right, you have to upload your media first from the [Files] tab, then you can select the file from the pick list when you click to "Insert Media" in the Rich text editor.

You can also insert a link to a youtube video or any other media source instead if you want too.
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