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Can I run 2 websites (like church & church school) within one liveSite?

Yes, you can actually run multiple websites, each with their own design within a single liveSite, even if they have separate domain names.  You will need to use DNS forwarding from your DNS Registrar to point one domain to a separate "home" page within your liveSite.

Where it gets tricky is:

  • If you are going to take online payments for both organizations through the same liveSite. Since liveSite can't determine what payment goes to what organization with the same order online, then you will need to allow all payments to go into one bank account.  If this causes a business office problem (and it usually does), we recommend that you create a separate liveSite for each organization that is collecting monies.

  • You are going to use the Style Designer to layout your content.  The Style Designer works with the activate Theme (css file) for the liveSite.  You can code each Page Style with your own HTML / CSS and apply them to your micro sites, but then you are not allowing liveSite to handle the coding for you.


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