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Can I use foreign characters?

Yes, you can use many foreign/international characters with liveSite.  liveSite currently supports the ISO 8859-1 character encoding, which includes support for many foreign characters. We hope to add support for the UTF-8 character encoding in the future, which supports all foreign characters.

If you need to use characters which are not supported by ISO 8859-1, then there are some solutions to that.

  • You might be able to enter the characters with the rich-text editor which will convert the characters to HTML entities (e.g. &example;) and still work.  Please be aware that this will only likely work for fields that expect HTML (e.g. Page Region content).  It will not work for fields which expect plain text (e.g. Menu Item name).
  • You can use Custom Page Styles so that you can set the charset meta tag to UTF-8.  Please be aware that the back-end control panel screens and possibly the database will continue to use ISO 8859-1, so this solution might have complications.

If you are having issues with HTML entities (e.g. &example;) appearing in Menu Item names, there is a customization we can add for you to resolve that one issue.  Alternatively, we can also customize your site to have full UTF-8 support.  Please feel free to contact our sales department for more information.


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