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Can visitors search a liveSite website?

Yes. liveSite has a built-in keyword search feature that makes it easy for your site visitors to search web pages and dynamic data views.  Search results are automatically filtered based on the level of access of the user that is searching so unauthorized content is automatically hidden.


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Added by Francy PRO

Can more than one keyword be entered?
Added by Camelback Web Architects STAFF

You can enter more than one word, like a keyword phrase, but multiple keywords will not find different pages in the results.
Added by Francy PRO

Sorry, I don't understand the last half of your reply.
What I want to know is: can I enter three different keywords so that if a user enters any one of those words, the page will be found?
Added by Camelback Web Architects STAFF

If you use the "Promote on Keyword" feature of Search (See Page Properties), you can. Otherwise, only pages matching ALL the keywords you enter with be found. The best way to find out if it will return the results you want is to experiment.
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