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Commerce Management

Chart of PayPal features compatible with liveSite

The following chart shows what PayPal account type you will need to use certain liveSite e-commerce features.  You should also refer to Which Paypal service should I use? 





Sell Merchandise & Media 
Take orders online for any type of product.

Sell Access
Sell access to private site areas, content, micro sites, downloads, documents, or multimedia.  Access can be granted automatically upon online purchase.

Sell Downloads 
Offer downloadable goods such as software and e-Books.  Once ordered, a link to the protected downloads can be send via e-mail automatically.

Sell Gifts
Easily handle multiple shipping addresses and shipping methods per order, and even warn the shopper if arrival before a special date or occasion cannot be guaranteed.

Sell Perishable Items
Specify how each product is shipped, how quickly each must arrive, and limit the shipping destinations and PO Box deliveries.

Collect Donations & Dues
Allow your sponsors to securely contribute to any fund on a one-time basis.

Multiple Currencies 
Allow your site visitors to display your prices and fees in their own currency.  Even automate conversion rate updates over the Internet.

Product Forms
Create custom web forms to collect specific fields when a product is ordered.  This is ideal for fee-based registrations or for any type of event or service.

Search Engine Optimized
Add search engine meta data to your product pages and catalogs to enhance your visibility and ranking with search engines.

Tax can be applied by product, state or province, country, or shipping method.

Sell tax-exempt items and manage orders from resellers, non-profits, or individual donors.

Accept PayPal Payments 
Allow your customers to purchase your products and services using their PayPal account.

Accept Credit & Debit Cards
Accept bank cards for purchases.

Collect Recurring Payments 
Automatically charge a bank card for recurring payments periodically for services, donations, or other fees over a period of time.


Merchant Account Required
A merchant account for your business must be approved by your bank before you can process payments.


No Monthly Service Fees
Paypal does not charge a service fee but transaction fees will apply.




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