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How can I create a photo gallery?

In order to create a photo gallery, you will first need to create a Folder to place your photos and the photo gallery page into. To create a Folder, click on the [FOLDER] tab from the top of the liveSite Control Panel. Click on the "Create Folder" button to create a new Folder.

After you have created this Folder, you will then need to create the photo gallery page. To do this, goto the [PAGES] Tab and click on the "Create Page" button.

Give the page a name, select the Folder you just created, and set the Page Type to 'Photo Gallery'. Click the Save button to save the new page.

Finally, we need to upload photos to this photo gallery page.  If you have many photos to upload, you should first put them into a single ZIP file that you will upload in the next step.

When you are ready to upload your photos, click the [FILES] tab at the top of the liveSite Control Panel. Click on 'Upload File'. Then, use the browse button to locate the image file (or ZIP file of images) that you would like to add to the photo gallery. Once you have selected the file, you will then need to choose to place this file in the Folder that you created in earlier.

If you are uploading a ZIP file, you will be prompted to unpack the ZIP file during the upload process. Choose Yes.

Once you have uploaded your photo(s), you can add captions to them by adding your caption text to the File's Description field.

Once you have uploaded your photo(s), they will appear automatically when you view your photo gallery page.  Any image you move in or out of the Folder will also appear or disappear automatically from the Photo Gallery page.

TIP: If you want to create multiple Photo Albums, you can repeat this process with any sub folders your create underneath the Folder that the Photo Gallery Page is within.


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