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How do I add my own Custom Formats?

Please be aware that in order to add your own Custom Formats you will need to have experience with CSS.

In the "All Themes" area of the Design Tab navigate to the "Edit CSS" screen for the Theme that you would like to add a Custom Format too. Once you have the "CSS Editor" open, then find the area in the CSS that starts with the following line of code.

/* <custom_formats> */

Next, add a new CSS declaration for your new Custom Format below the other ones that may already be in the Theme.

If you do not already have Custom Formats then simply add the following code to your Theme's CSS file.

/* <custom_formats> */
    color: red;
/* </custom_formats> */

After you save the file you should now see your new Custom Format at the bottom of the "Custom Formats" picklist in the Rich-Text editor.

Please note that the "Custom Formats" picklist in the Rich-Text editor will only pull Custom Formats from the "Active" Theme file.

v9.0 Update: We added an additional optional comment "tag" in case you need to add Custom Formats (like for responsive styling) to your existing Custom Formats that were generated for you in your System Themes:

/* <add_custom_formats> */
    color: green;
/* </add_custom_formats> */


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