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How do I change the domain name assigned to my Software Subscription?

If you have already activated your software subscription and need to change the domain name or hostname, here's how:

1. Contact us and ask us to reset your Software Subscription.

2. Once reset, you will need to edit your /livesite/config.php file on your web server using a Text Editor.  

You can do this through your hosting provider's Control Panel (File Manager) or using FTP software. (We recommend that you make a backup copy of the config.php file before you edit it in case you edit it incorrectly, which could render your liveSite inoperable.)

3. Find the line in the file that has: 

define('LICENSE_KEY', '...');

and change it to the free trial license key:

define('LICENSE_KEY', '2qaczZ+LieByX1aebZaP5aKMh8moX1SVa1qSzbOPiNSgm1uQbV9W3NWzi8fFoJGhaw==');

Now save the config.php file changes.

4. You should now be able to login to liveSite and click on Site Settings and activate your software subscripton again as you did before for any domain and hostname you wish.


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