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How do I create a link to a liveSite page or file?

Using the WYSIWYG Page Editor

If you are editing a Page Region using the WYSIWYG Page Editor, first highlight the text or image that you want to become a link, then click on the Link Menu Icon (looks like a "chain link") to select the page or file. Click on "Save" to create the link file link into your page content.

Linking to a liveSite Page or File from another website:

If you would like to create a link (URL) to send via e-mail or link from an external web page, you would create a link as follows:



Note: All Files in liveSite are stored in the directory called "files" that is located underneath the directory on the web server where liveSite software is installed (typically /livesite/files).  However, liveSite remaps these directories to control access to them, so you must use /files or /pages.

You can use the "Short Link" feature and link to a page as follows:, assuming you have give a page on your website a short link name of "offer".


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