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How do I create an approval process for page updates?

Since all Page edits are updated on the website in real-time, there are many times that you wish to make changes and preview them before making them "live" for all to see. In order to do this, we recommend that you following thre following process:

1) Click "Duplicate Page" to duplicate the original Page. liveSite will instantly create a new copy of the page with a unique page name, and redirect you to the new page.

2) Make changes to the duplicate page and save and view. Since the new page is not linked into any of the site menus of other page content, then the page will not be found by any visitor unexpectedly. For added security, you may wish to move the new Page into a Private Folder during the approval process.

3) If the Page needs to be approved by someone else, send them a link to the new Page. Be sure they have "read" or "edit" access to the Folder where the new Page is located.

4) Once the new Page is updated and approved and you are ready to make the Page "live", rename the original Page (e.g. "pagename-backup"), and quickly rename the new, duplicated Page to the original Page's name (e.g. "pagename"). Be sure to update any Menu Regions that might be linked to the original page, they must be updated manually to point to the new Page. Also, be sure the duplicated Page is in the same Folder that the original Page was in so that it can be accessed by the same audience.

You might also want to "archive" the original page so it is visible to you but not to site visitors.

Feel free to change this process if your requirements for approval and review are more complex.


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