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How do I create drop down menus?

liveSite contains a built-in animated menu feature that allows you to add any number of multi-level drop-down or fly-out menus to your website.  These are called "Menu Regions" and can be added and edited easily.

To Add a Menu Region:

1) Under the [Design] tab, create a Menu Region.  You will name it and specify it's animation options.

2) Edit any System Page Style and add the Menu Region to any location on the Style and Save.

3) Now you will need to let your Theme (CSS file) know about the menu so it can style it and make it function correctly.  To do this, select the System Theme that will include the Menu Region and click  "Edit Theme".  Find the Menu Region in the sidebar of the Theme Designer and make sure the settings are how you want them.  Make sure you click "Save" to save the Theme.  This will ensure that the Menu Region CSS is included in the theme file so that the menu functions correctly.

NOTE: If you are using an older version of liveSite or you are using a Custom Page Style, you will have to add the <menu>Menu Region Name</menu> tag to your HTML. If you are using a Custom Theme, then you will have to add the appropriate CSS to your Theme file manually.  For the detailed code to include, you should create a System Page Style/Theme (above)  and view the contents of the CSS file generated for your version of liveSite.

To Edit a Menu:

Anyone with access to edit the Menu Region can do so directly by editing a Page that includes the menu.

1) Edit any Page that contains the menu you wish to edit.

2) Click on the burgundy (red) "Edit" button to the left top of the menu area to edit the menu's content.

3) You can add menu items, assign them to Pages or URLs, and organize them in any order or level you wish.

4) Click "Save" when you are finished and the changes will take affect.


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