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How do I embed a YouTube video?

You may follow the steps below to embed a YouTube video.

  1. Open the Rich-text Editor in the location you want to add the YouTube video to (e.g. Page Region, Product, or etc.).
  2. Click to a place with your cursor where you want the video to appear.
  3. Click the Media icon.
  4. Select "Iframe" as the media type.
  5. Insert the URL to the YouTube video in the File/URL field.  (This is the URL that appears in your browser address bar when you are watching the video at
  6. Click Insert.
  7. You should see the video in the Preview area.
  8. Save the region to close the Rich-text Editor.
  9. You video should now appear and play whenever it is clicked on.  (Note, sometimes the thumbnail image does not show up on some browsers when "edit mode" is active (the grid lines arround your content areas).  Since your visitors will never be in "edit mode", then this is not an issue to worry about. 



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