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Contact Management, Membership Management

How do I import members?

In order to import members into liveSite, you will need to import them as contacts.

When importing members, please include member ID's in the member_id column.  A member ID should be a string of characters that the member will know.  Also, you may include expiration dates in the expiration_date column.

After the members have been imported, you should notify the members about the membership page that you want them to access.  You may notify them by e-mail or by including a link to a membership page on the website.  The membership page should be placed in a Membership Folder so that when the member attempts to access the membership page, liveSite will require that the member login or register.  If the member has not already registered, then he/she should register.  The member will be required to supply a member ID in order to register.  After the member logs in or registers, liveSite will forward the member to the membership page.


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