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How do I import products?

To import products follow the steps below.

  1. Open a new spreadsheet in a spreadsheet program (eg. MS Excel).
  2. Add the column names that you want to import on the top row (eg. name, price, short_description).
  3. Add the information for the products on the rows below the column names. Make sure that the products price is under the price column and so on.
  4. Save the file as a "Text CSV (.csv)" or "CSV (.csv)" file. You will want to make sure you select "Keep Current Formatting" or the CSV file may not work.
  5. In liveSite, click on the [Commerce] tab, then click on "All Products", and then click "Import Products".
  6. Now select the CSV file you want to upload. Also, if you are updating existing products make sure to select the "Update Existing Products" checkbox.

As a tip, if you copy & paste the column names from our online help screen, copy the column name into notepad first (to clear any hidden text formatting), before pasting the column name from notepad into the spreadsheet. This will ensure that you are copying text only.

Also, make sure all of your column names are lowercase and do not contain any spaces.


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