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How do I install Google Analytics on my liveSite website?

In order to install Google Analytics on your site you will first need to setup a Google Analytics account. After you sign up for Google Analytics then you will be given a block of code to install on your site.

Take the Google Analytics code block and paste it into a new Designer Region in your liveSite website. Please search liveSite's built-in help documentation for "Designer Region" and read the article titled "Create/Edit Designer Region" for more information on how to create a new Designer Region.

After you have the new Designer Region created then you will need to add the Designer Region to all your Page Styles (using it's tag if Custom Page Styles that are being used) of the pages you want to track.

It's best to add the Designer Region at the bottom of your Page Style (right before the closing </body> tag if you are using Custom Page Styles).

At this point you will need to wait for Google Analytics to start tracking your website. This can take a few hours to complete.


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Update: In liveSite v7.1.0, Google Analytics was intergrated into liveSite, so you don't have to follow the instructions above.

Instead, after you create your Google Analytics account, you can just add your Google tracking ID into your Site Settings screen in liveSite and tracking will happen for all of your liveSite pages automatically.
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