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How Do I Remove Bad Email Addresses from my Mailing Lists?

The best way to remove bad, undeliverable email addresses from your mailing lists in liveSite is to do it yourself, and it's easy:

  1. When sending your email campaigns, set the "From" email address to an inbox that you can check after each campaign is sent.  (Don't use a fake email address or your campaigns will be flagged as spam and cause you issues with your hosting provider).
  2. When a bounce-back occurs, open the email message and click on the "Update My Email Preferences" link that is appended to the footer of the message.
  3. You will be redirected to the Contact's Email Preferences Page on your liveSite. Click the "opt out" link on that page to update the recipient's Contact record in your liveSite so they will be removed from any future email campaigns.

If you put this simple process into practice after each email campaign, it should not be much of a chore to keep your mailing lists updated, and you'll find it is much better than automatically removing the email address, because you will have a choice as to whether you remove them or contact them to get a new email address. Remember, not all bounce-backs are bad email addresses.  Bounce-backs also occur for temporary reasons like a full mailbox, or a real-time delivery error on the recipient's side, all of which will be cleared up the next time you send a campaign to that recipient.


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