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How do Users get their password?

When a User account is created (either manually through the Control Panel, or as a result of Visitor Registration or Member Registration), their password will automatically be sent to the e-mail address specified for that User's account.

If you are an Administrator or Manager, you can also reset any User's password by clicking on the button labeled [Reset & Send Password] with a User's account.

Also, if a User can remember their password by viewing their Password Hint, then they will have the option of not requesting their password to be reset and e-mailed to them.  Since this feature may be a potential security risk for the User's account, it must be enabled in Site Settings, and the User has to have entered a Password Hint the last time they changed their password.


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Added by copatlarge

Is there a way to restrict sign up such as if someone registers, it has to be approved first before they can add anything?
Added by Camelback Web Architects STAFF

Registration never requires approval. But if you want to step up their access to "add anything" like filling out a form (page), or viewing a page, you can place those pages into a Membership, or Private Folder. Then a manual process will need to happen to allow them to access anything in that Folder.
Added by copatlarge

Actually I was wanting to restrict it so it does require approval..
Added by Camelback Web Architects STAFF

But there is never a need to do this with liveSite. You see, registration is simply a way for a visitor to create their own account within your website, much like a shopper might do when they check out.

However, once registration has taken place, then you actually have a user account that can be restricted or approved - like if they want to join as a member.
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