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How I setup recurring payments?

Here is how recurring charges work:

  1. Sign up for a payment gateway that supports recurring charges (currently, PayPal Payflow Gateway, or PayPal Website Payments Pro).
  2. Enter the payment gateway's login credentials into liveSite's Settings Page, so liveSite can send transactions.
  3. Setup a product in liveSite as a recurring product, with the recurring period, term, etc.
  4. Add the recurring product to an Order Form in liveSite.
  5. When a customer orders the recurring product, liveSite will connect to the payment gateway set up the terms automatically.
  6. The payment gateway will then make all the recurring charges automatically until the term is reached, or until you log into the payment gateway's control panel and suspend or cancel the recurring charges.

You can optionally tell the payment gateway to notify your customers by email after each charge, and/or when the card on file could not be charged successfully (i.e. expires).


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