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How to change the color of text in the Rich-text Editor in liveSite v8.

All content you edit using the rich-text editor will be styled according to the Active Desktop Theme for the website.  If you are creating a site design in reverse video (lighter text on a darker background), you may find it difficult to "see" the text in the rich-text editor in liveSite v8, since we no longer force the text to black and the background to white like we did in previous versions of liveSite.

If you need to force the foreground text to black and the background to white while within the Rich-text Editor, add this CSS code to the Advanced Styling area of your Activated Desktop Theme:

/* rich-text editor override styling */
.mceContentBody td.mceVisualAid,
.mceContentBody .background-primary,
.mceContentBody .background-secondary,
.mceContentBody .color-primary,
.mceContentBody .color-secondary,
.mceContentBody .image-primary,
.mceContentBody .image-secondary,
.mceContentBody .image-left-primary,
.mceContentBody .image-left-secondary,
.mceContentBody .image-right-primary,
.mceContentBody .image-right-secondary,
.mceContentBody .link-button-primary-large,
.mceContentBody .link-button-primary-small,
.mceContentBody .link-button-secondary-large,
.mceContentBody .link-button-secondary-small,
.mceContentBody .link-content-more,
.mceContentBody .link-menu-item,
.mceContentBody .paragraph-indent,
.mceContentBody .paragraph-box-example,
.mceContentBody .paragraph-box-notice,
.mceContentBody .paragraph-box-primary,
.mceContentBody .paragraph-box-secondary,
.mceContentBody .paragraph-box-warning,
.mceContentBody .paragraph-no-margin,
.mceContentBody .paragraph-no-margin-top,
.mceContentBody .paragraph-no-margin-bottom,
.mceContentBody table.table-primary,
.mceContentBody table.table-primary th,
.mceContentBody table.table-secondary,
.mceContentBody table.table-secondary th,
.mceContentBody table.table-left,
.mceContentBody table.table-right,
.mceContentBody table.table-center,
.mceContentBody thead.table-row-header,
.mceContentBody tbody.table-row-body,
.mceContentBody tfoot.table-row-footer,
.mceContentBody th.table-cell-header,
.mceContentBody td.table-cell-data,
.mceContentBody .text-annotate,
.mceContentBody .text-box-example,
.mceContentBody .text-box-notice,
.mceContentBody .text-box-primary,
.mceContentBody .text-box-secondary,
.mceContentBody .text-box-warning,
.mceContentBody .text-fine-print,
.mceContentBody .text-highlighter,
.mceContentBody .text-quote,
.mceContentBody .video-primary,
.mceContentBody .video-secondary,
.mceContentBody .video-left-primary,
.mceContentBody .video-left-secondary,
.mceContentBody .video-right-primary,
.mceContentBody .video-right-secondary,
.mceContentBody a,
.mceContentBody h1,
.mceContentBody h2,
.mceContentBody h3,
.mceContentBody h4,
.mceContentBody h5,
.mceContentBody h6,
.mceContentBody p,
.mceContentBody pre,
.mceContentBody address,
.mceContentBody blockquote,
.mceContentBody hr,
.mceContentBody span
    background: none !important;
    background-color: white !important;
    border-color: black !important;
    color: black !important;


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