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liveSite v8.0 Bug Fixes

- Fixed bug where the following error might appear on various screens: "Warning: trim() expects parameter 1 to be a string, array given..."

- Fixed bug where links in RSS would not work.

- Fixed bug with PHPMailer where the return-path header for e-mails would not be set correctly for some servers.

- Fixed bug where form field values would be incorrectly escaped for HTML when form fields appeared in e-mail subjects and plain text e-mail bodies.

- Fixed bug with SEO Optimizer where an error about the service being upgraded would appear when Page content contained JavaScript.

- Fixed bug in the Theme Designer where you could not disable rounded corners for primary and secondary buttons if form fields had rounded corners enabled.

- Fixed bug where the number of Files mentioned on the All My Archived Files screen was not correct.

- Fixed bug where an incorrect photo gallery album could appear when a photo gallery Page was included through a secondary System Region.

- Fixed bug where an error would appear when the "Save New Copy" feature was used for a Custom Theme when a User came from a front-end Page.

- Fixed bug in Theme Designer where a Menu Region would always be positioned to the left, even if right, or centered positioning was specified.

- Fixed Menu Region submenus so their properties are not overridden by the top level menu settings.

- Fixed a rounding error in the display of Ad Regions so that a sliver of the previous ad is not longer visible whenever an ad region is using the sliding animation effect.

- Fixed bug where fading ad regions would not animate if ad labels were left blank.

- Fixed bug in drop down Menus so they would overlay Photo Gallery thumbnail images properly.

- Fixed bug in Theme Designer where theme changes would be lost if "Preview Page" was changed. Removed pick list feature as it was not necessary.

- Fixed bug where CSS files under the "All Design Files" screen was not be recognized as a Theme File so the underlying CSS file could be edited.

- Fixed bug where a Visitor would be forwarded to the home Page, without a quiz score, instead of back to the Custom Form Page, with a quiz score, when a Visitor failed a quiz.

- Fixed bug where a Visitor, without control panel access, could not browse through photo gallery folders, and photos would appear plainly on another page, when clicked on, instead of in a modal layer like they should.

- Fixed bug where a database query error would appear when trying to export Orders when there was a search query.


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