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My pages are loading slowly. What can I do to increase performance?

If you are using liveSite to edit or view web pages on your website, and pages appears to load slowly, you need to do is determine if the slowness is due to traffic on the Internet between your local computer, your local network, your ISPs network, and finally the web server where your liveSite is hosted.

To do this, you will need to perform a "trace route" from your local computer where the slowness has been noticed.  A trace route will show you each "hop" from your local computer to the web server and the time it takes for information to flow between them.  To run a trace route, do the following:

On Windows, click on Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt

When the Command Prompt program runs you will see a small black window and a prompt (">") in the current folder.  Enter "tracert" [space] "website address to test", and press Enter, like follows:

C:\directory\...> tracert

If you have entered the command correctly, you will see a series of "hops", lines like this example:


20 ms

4 ms

< Network Hub


4 ms

14 ms

< Network Router
3 1167 ms 978 ms < ISP Router, example of a poor performing connection
4 2 ms 1 ms < Web Server

The important information is the number of milliseconds each hop took, denoted as "ms".  If you see a hop that takes more than a second (1000 ms), then that connection is experiencing high traffic and will cause you to see slowness when interacting with liveSite.

Since the trace route is only a snapshot of the traffic, you will need to run a trace route repeatedly over time to determine if a particular hop is oversaturated and problematic.  If so, you will need to report the problem to your network administrator or Internet connection provider where the slow performing hop is located.

In th example above, the performance problem has occured within the ISPs network ( they will need to be contacted.  Send them the trace route information so they can quickly assess the problem as address it for you.

NOTE: We also recommend using either Mozilla's Firefox or Google's Chrome browser due to much better performance when making site edits. You can download Firefox at


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