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Commerce Management

Payment Gateway Setup

This article is for your server administrator, webmaster, and business manager. 

Note: If you would prefer to not have a merchant account and payment gateway account, you can
now accept PayPal and credit/debit card payments via PayPal Express Checkout The only thing that
is required is a PayPal account that supports Express Checkout (e.g. any PayPal Payments Solution).

Steps to Process Credit Cards in Real Time

If you are going to process credit/debit card transactions in real-time with liveSite, you will also need to configure your web server and liveSite to manage the credit card transactions. This will allow you to turn your liveSite into a sophisticated credit card "swipe" machine you see in retail stores.

Business Manager

  • Apply for an Internet Merchant Account with your depository bank. This will allow payment made through liveSite's "shopping cart" software to be deposited into your bank account.
    IMPORTANT: You do not need to purchase the banks' third-party gateway or software - they will try to tell you that you need it. You do not. You will need your bank to send you the following upon approval:
  1. Your banks' Processor (Paymentech - Salem; Vital; Nova; FDMS South; American Express; Global Payments - Central; Global Payments - East; FDMS North; Paymentech - Tampa; American Express Brighton; or TeleCheck)
  2. Processors' Merchant ID (MID)
  3. Processors' Terminal ID (TID)
  4. Bank Cards agreements (for example, accepting American Express requires a separate contract for fees).
  • Purchase a "Secure Server Certificate" (SSL Certificate) for your domain (i.e. Your ISP may have an option to purchase and install this for you. If you host with Camelback, then we will take care of this step for you.

System Administrators

  • Enable cURL extension for PHP (normally enabled by default on Unix).
  • Install a "Secure Server Certificate" (SSL Certificate) for your domain (i.e.


Once these step are completed, you can configure liveSite for e-Commerce transactions. To setup your payment gateway, you will need to click on the Settings link at the top right of the liveSite Control Panel. From there, you will then need to scroll down to the Commerce area and make sure that the Credit/Debit Card option is selected. After that, select the payment gateway that you want to use from the Payment Gateway pick list. Finally, enter your payment gateway login information/credentials into the new fields that appear and click save at the bottom of the page.

Congratulations, your liveSite will now begin accepting and processing cards.  We recommend that you create a product for $1.00 and run a real credit card through your site to verify it works.  If it does, then any amount will work and you can add products as necessary.


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