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The login fields on my login page have disappeared so I can't login!

If you are an Administrator or Designer, and you accidentally remove the System Region within your Login Page's Page Style, or you changed your login page's Page Properties so that it's Page Type is no longer a "Login Page", liveSite will not be able to display the username and password login fields. This means that no one, including you, can login to liveSite using the login page at this point.  If this has happened to you then you may follow the instructions below. The instructions below are for v8+.  If you are using a version before v8, then you can ignore steps 1-4 and you don't have to add "&token=token" to the URL mentioned below.

  1. Go to any page on your website.
  2. View the source of the page.  Normally, you can right-click on the background of a page to find the view source feature in most browsers.
  3. Search the source for "var software_token".
  4. Copy or take note of the value in quotes to the right of "var software_token" (should be a random sequence of characters).  Only copy or take note of the value.  Do not copy or take note of the quotation marks or anything else.
  5. You may now close the source, however please keep the originally web page open.  Do not close your browser.
  6. Update the following URL with your domain name, livesite path, username, password, and the token you found above and then go to the URL in the same browser window that you retrieved the token from.
  7. You should now be automatically logged in.  After logging in, be sure to update your Login Page's Page Style so all your users can login again by either:

    1) Adding a System Region "-Use Page-" into your System Page Style (using the Style Designer) OR

    2) If you are using Custom Page Styles, add a <system></system> tag to your Page Style's HTML.

NOTE: You can always get to the default login page by adding the directory off your web root where liveSite is installed (e.g., or, etc.).


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