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What are Comments in liveSite?

The Comments feature adds online community-building functionality to any Page on your site. Comments allow Visitors and Users to interact with your site.

If Comments are enabled for a Page, then anyone who can view a Page can leave a Comment (and therefore become a Contributor), and read any published Comments from other Contributors. Comments can be automatically published, or the Page's Moderator (a User with edit rights to the Page), can be alerted via e-mail to new Comments with a link to instantly edit, delete or publish the Comment.

Comments can be "watched" too, so anyone can request to receive an email alert whenever a new comment is posted to a Page.  This is a great way to create support ticket systems, forums, and any other private/group/public conversation threads. 


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Added by myliber1

why does my comment app display an annoying button that tells visitors "Do Not Allow New Comments" Yes, I have tried to disable it in page properties.
Added by tafgraphics ELITE

That is something that only shows up for the admin. Logout and look at the will disappear. It is used so you can close comments on a thread....
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