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Forms Management

What is causing the error "Error: The form confirmation could not be displayed because a submitted form for this confirmation could not be found."?

This means that the custom form confirmation page that is being e-mailed or displayed after the user submits the custom form is not correctly setup.

Please use the following instructions to verify that the pages are setup correctly.

  1. Edit the custom form page.
  2. Look at the Page Type Properties to see which confirmation pages are set.  Look at E-mail Submitter Page, E-mail Administrator Page, and Next Page.
  3. Edit the confirmation page(s) that you found in the previous step.
  4. Look at the Page Type Properties and verify that the correct custom form has been selected for the Custom Form drop down list.
  5. If the problem is still not resolved, then edit the Page Style for the confirmation Pages and make sure there are not any System Regions which are set to incorrect Custom Form Confirmations.  The System Region should be set to "-Use Page-".


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