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What payment gateways does liveSite support?

liveSite supports PayPal Express Checkout payments, and credit/debit card payments.  The following payment gateways are integrated into liveSite:

  • (or emulator service*)
  • ClearCommerce / PayFuse
  • First Data Global Gateway (formerly LinkPoint/YourPay)
  • PayPal Express Checkout (included with any Paypal Payments Solution, we do not currently support recurring payments with this service)**
  • PayPal Payments Pro (formerly PayPal Website Payments Pro)
  • PayPal Payflow Pro
  • Sage Gateway
  • Stripe (available in v2016.1+, requires PHP 5.2+, we do not currently support recurring payments with this service)

* With liveSite v8.7.0+, an admin can add a line like the following to the config.php file in the software directory, in order to use an Authorize.Net emulator service.  Replace "" with the URL that the emulator service gives you.  If you are using the original Authorize.Net service, then you should not add the line below.

define('AUTHORIZENET_URL', '');

** PayPal Express Checkout is fully integrated into liveSite but the additional features of PayPal Payments Standard & PayPal Payments Advanced are not since the customer actually performs the checkout at PayPal's site (so they are not known to liveSite's e-commerce workflow or order reporting features).

Refer to our online Help (within liveSite Control Panel) and the payment gateway's website for more information.


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