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Why do I get "Error: This website must run on one of the hosts that its license requires…"?

This error occurs if you are trying to access your website at a domain name that was not originally included when you activated your subscription.  This happens if you change your domain name after activating your Subscription ID, or you have attempted to activate a Subscription ID that is already in use by another liveSite.  If you get this error please follow the instructions below.

  1. Order a Project Credit so we can reset your subscription and assist you.
  2. Reply to the conversation that is automatically created in order to tell us that you want us to reset your subscription.  Also, please include your Subscription ID and original domain name.  It is not necessary to send us your new domain name, because you will be able to activate it yourself after we reset your subscription.
  3. Wait for us to reset your subscription and send you further instructions.


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