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Why do my Campaign e-mails display incorrectly?

The first thing to check is your e-mail client's settings. Many e-mail clients do not show images by default. However, they will all have an option to enable images. Unfortunately, there is not anyway you can prevent this issue from happening.

If images are displaying correctly, then the issue may be that your CSS is not being applied to the e-mail. Some web-based e-mail clients (ie. Gmail and Yahoo) do not support external CSS files. Therefore, when someone views your e-mail in one of these clients then the CSS will not be applied to the e-mail.

As a workaround to this issue we suggest that you insert the CSS styling inline into the Page Style that is being used by the e-mail that you are sending out. Please see example below.

eg. <div id="example" style="border: 1px solid #fff"></div>

Lastly, if you are seeing some weird code showing up in your e-mails (eg. var software_menu_2_open_menu_item_id = 0;), then this is because liveSite will output JavaScript that is needed for the menu drop downs to work correctly. As long as the Page is being viewed in a web browser that has JavaScript enabled, then the menu drop downs will work. However, JavaScript does not work in e-mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook and Gmail. Since e-mail clients do not support JavaScript the code that is outputted for the menu will be displayed in the e-mail.

In order to prevent this from happening do not include a menu region in any Page Styles that you are using for the Pages you are sending in Campaigns.


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