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Why do my custom page styles not display the liveSite system region?

If you have created custom page styles within liveSite and your pages do not display any "system region" content (calendar, custom form, view data, etc) then be sure you have at least one <system></system> tag pair within your Page Style's HTML code. These tags tell liveSite where it should output the system region content.  If not tags are found, no system region content will be displayed.


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Version 7.0 Update

You can now include multiple system regions in your Page Styles (both custom and system Page Styles). liveSite will use the "Next Page" workflow action associated with the page where the system region is located, so be sure to set the "Next Page" property (if required) for a system region's page being included.

For System Page Styles:

Select "System" when you add a region to your Page Style using the Style Designer. You will have the choice of "use page" or selecting a page (where the system region "lives").

For Custom Page Styles:

Include a <system></system> tag without a page name, liveSite will always assume you want to include the system region from the page itself.

You can also include an number of <system>pagename</system> tags too. The Page Name tells liveSite what page to pull the system region data from.
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