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Why does my image look fuzzy?

Resizing an image through the WYSIWYG Page Editor does not change the actual size of the image, so a large image may appear fuzzy if scaled down and a small image may appear grainy if enlarged.

To reset the size of your image to it's original size in liveSite, right-click and edit the Image Properties.

TIP: In order to improve the quality of the image, we recommend that you edit the image with, which is built right into liveSite. You can resize it there, and it will also compress the file for you so that it loads faster, without sacrificing image quality.

To edit with picnik, click on the "Edit Mode" button (looks like a grid) on the Edit Page where your image is placed.  Then whenever you hover your mouse over the image, you will see the picnik logo.  Click that logo to edit the image beneath the logo.  When you are finished resizing the image, liveSite will update your image file and updated you page with the new image for you.


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