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Why does the rich-text editor sometimes not show any content when I click to edit a region, when there is content for a region?

This is a known issue that should not happen very often.  If it does happen, then click Cancel and then click to edit the region again.  IMPORTANT: Do not click Save if this problem happens or the content will be removed.  You might be able to reduce the chance of this issue happening by waiting for a page to fully load before clicking to edit a region.  We are working to fix this issue in the next release.


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Added by Camelback Web Architects STAFF

Update: This issue appears to be related to timing of how long it takes to load the editor and the content. It only occurs when either your internet connection is slow (at that moment), or your computer is slow (at that moment). Since we our Core Team has a fast internet connection and fast computers, they were unaware of this issue.

We will make adjustment to make the editor "wait" to allow you to edit until it is sure that it has loaded and displayed the content first.

This should be fixed in version 7.1.1.
Added by Camelback Web Architects STAFF

Update: This has been fixed in v7.1.1.
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