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Why does the WYSIWYG editor remove some of my HTML code?

Some specific html tags that you may want to use may be removed automatically by our WYSIWYG editor. This is because we have restricted our editor to only allow friendly html code. Allowing specific HTML tags to be added to your site from a WYSIWYG editor is potentially dangerous.

Sometimes, the WYSIWYG editor will appear in a custom form which is displayed to the public. This will allow any user coming to your website to submit information to the site using the WYSIWYG editor. This submitted information could then be viewed by other users on your site (or even you) and if we did not restrict certain HTML tags, the user viewing the submitted data would be vulnerable to different types of XSS attacks.

If you need to add specific html code and you are unable to place it inside of our WYSIWYG editor, you will need to either add it to the page style that the page is using or to a common region. You can do this from the design tab.


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