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Our friends at have a special offer for our liveSite fans. Thanks for the love hostgator!

Sep.28.2010 / liveSite Release / 0 Comments

Our software needs a great web host so our friends at have put together a special offer for all our liveSite fans:

"We’ve been following liveSite very closely, and are excited to see the new version become available. There’s a good number of HostGator clients already using liveSite, so we’re very happy to be able to support the new version. If you’d like to install the new version on HostGator, please feel free to sign up today at and use the coupon code livesite1month with our Baby Plan to get the first month for just 1¢ (yep, just a penny)."

Chad Bean, Chief Marketing Officer

Thanks for the love hostgator!  Don't forget, use coupon code livesite1month when ordering your account!

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