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liveSite v7.2 is here![archived]

Tons of new features and now with unlimited users!

Jul.30.2011 / liveSite Release / 1 Comments

Camelback Web Architects is proud to announce today that liveSite v7.2 is here!

We made some changes to the way we deliver liveSite to make it easier for you to launch your liveSite more quickly. Instead of starting with a very simple site template, our install process now creates a website with working examples of all the features you might need.  All you do is publish the links to the apps you need, add your content, and launch!

We have also decided to move away from adding or updating our default design themes. Since a custom website design is what everyone desires to begin with, we have created a single new professionally designed theme, and are working on a new feature that will create a custom theme for you automatically, based on your existing website design, or a website template you find online, from anywhere!

New pricing too! When you purchase a liveSite software subscription or cloud hosting plan, you will be glad to know that you will now get unlimited users for the same low price! Also, the free versions of liveSite will now have an extra user account so you can test out all the powerful user management features in liveSite before you buy.

We've added numerous new features, as well as went back over the application from top to bottom to fix some nagging UI issues that have tripped folks up in the past.  We made an astonishing 200 software fixes, UI changes, and feature adds to this new version.

You can demo the new version, or download the software, or start a new trial now.

What's New

Unlimited Users New!

Now all liveSite software subscriptions come with unlimited users!  Existing liveSite software subscription customers that update to v7.2 will get unlimited users too! (If you need help updating your liveSite, ask us to do it for you and save 25% if you order your upgrade before the end of August. Just start a project with 3 project credits (instead of 4) to we'll get your site updated right away!).  If you are running the free version of liveSite, you will get an extra user free too!

Complete Website Included New!

Now every new liveSite installation will have the ultimate in websites, tested, and ready to go.  All you do is pin the apps you need to your main menu, add your content, and launch!

New Default Theme New!

We have created a brand new professional theme for liveSite that makes use of gray-scale and wide layout, more conducive for most liveSites, and easy to add your brand colors. The new default theme takes the place of the limiting and colorized themes that we provided previously. (Those themes will still work with the new liveSite software.)

Google Product Search New! 

You can now have your product catalogs feed data automatically into Google's Merchant Center.  This means that your products can be listed, along with photos and pricing in Google's Shopping Search.

Sitemap New! 

Your sitemap.xml is now generated automatically for your website.  You can also edit the sitemap.xml file, as well as your own robots.txt file. These files allow you to further define your content for search engines. This will result in faster listing in the search engines and improve your site ranking.

Product Inventory New! 

liveSite now manages inventory levels for all products. When the inventory is gone, you can decide whether a customer can backorder the product, or see a customizable "out of stock" message and no way of ordering the product.

Ticket Sales New! 

Offer ticket sales for any event. Choose to sell all the tickets you can, or limit the number of tickets available for the event.  "Buy Tickets" link is removed automatically when the event is sold out, or if the event has already begun. This feature even works for recurring events too, each having their own inventory of tickets!

Class Registration New! 

Sign up students for your classes and charge them a fee. Limit the number of seats available, and allow registration to occur even after the first class has begun but before the course has concluded.

Reservations New! 

Allow customers to book and purchase your time, tables, rooms, facilities, rental properties, etc. Show your customers a calendar with date and times available.  Add block-out dates or times. And when they purchase a specific time period you define, it becomes unavailable to others in real-time!

Multiple Discounts per Offer New! 

We have enhanced offers to handle multiple discounts on different products with a single offer code.

Verified Shipping Addresses New! 

If you commonly ship products to physical addresses that are not easy for your customers to know (e.g. campgrounds, military bases, delivery stations, etc.), you can now display a list of any number of locations for them to pick from, and prefill their shipping address fields with the correct mailing addresses.

Custom Shipping Forms New! 

If you need to collect special delivery instructions or other custom shipping information during checkout, now you can.

User Badges New!

You can now add a visible badge next to the display of any username.  Badges are great to identify or differentiate posts and comments made by special groups of users on your website.

Affiliate Program Feature Improvements

We have redesigned the Affiliate Program features of liveSite to better integrate into today's social networking environment.  Now affiliates can define their own affiliate "word" to share with friends, which can double as an offer code to create additional purchasing incentive for their referrals!  Recurring commissions can also be enabled for any recurring product ordered from your website. Offering recurring commissions will attract top affiliates to your site. In addition, accounting features have been added to the Control Panel to help you easily manage commissions through their life cycle.

Social Networking

We added support for the new Facebook "Send" button.

Who's Online

Still free to track site visitors on your website in real-time, and the upgrade to chat live with them is only $9.95/mo right now! (Login to your liveSite to upgrade).


We have added the ability for you to remove the time and date of comments on any page.  This is a useful feature when you have comments (like product reviews) on your site that may be older, but are still relevant. Removing the time and date will keep visitors from dismissing the comments as old and irrelevant in their mind. The layout of comments has been improved as well to include easier to read "time ago" dating.

Style Designer

We have improved the Style Designer now so you can visually see all areas used by the Theme Designer.  You can now add variable spacing to any part of your web pages to create your own multi-column layouts in a few clicks. We also improved the email layouts so you can add content into the same areas as you can on the other system page styles.

Theme Designer

We made many improvements in the Theme Designer interface to make it easier to use:

  • Regions are now displayed in top down order for easier readability.
  • "Create Theme" will render the new default theme in case you want to start over.
  • Fixed some incompatibility issues with the Internet Explorer 7 and Internet Explorer 8 browsers.

Rich Text Editor

Added compatibility for Internet Explorer 9 browser. Now the Rich Text Editor will load and save edits correctly when using the IE9 browsers default settings. No other browsers were affected.

User Interface

We have also made dozens of updates to improve the appearance of pages, and to improve the navigation of the Control Panel. We hope you will like them!

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Added by beachbumit

The improvements are great. You have once again brought me back to your platform and made it a viable option for my clients.
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