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liveSite v7.3: Install Anywhere + iOS5 Support

liveSite is now even more friendly with your favorite web host, not to mention your iPad too.

Nov.1.2011 / liveSite Release / 1 Comments

Camelback Web Architects is proud to announce liveSite v7.3 release. For our reseller and hosting provider partners, we have expanded the installation capabilities of liveSite. Now liveSite can be installed and run from within any subdirectory level off your webroot, a temporary URL, and any number of liveSites can be installed and run from within a single web hosting account. Of course, the new version will also be available for PHP 5.3.

This release includes better support for iOS5 media and Youtube video. We've also included a few other goodies too!

You can demo the new version, or download the software, or start a new trial now.

Download liveSite v7.3

What's New

Install Anywhere New! 

Now you can install and run liveSite from within any directory within your web hosting account, and liveSite will now run from a temporary URL ( This is important if you are evaluating liveSite while you are still running a production website within the same hosting account. Since you can now run liveSite from within it's own directory, you can also install any number of liveSites within the same web hosting account!

If you install liveSite on a temporary URL and need to move it in the future, you can now easily move your liveSite and all site links will dynamically move with it!  (For the geeks out there, this is an impressive feat since many popular site tools like Wordpress can't even do this.)

Support for iOS5 New!

MPEG-4 video for iOS5 is now supported, as well as youtube's new embedding code. We've also updated the Rich-text Editor to allow rich content editing from an iPhone or iPad. Still not perfect, but a great start!

Support for Google Remarketing New! 

Remarketing is a new way to drive traffic BACK to your site by targeting ads to your site visitors after they leave your site. You can now add google code to your Product and Product Group pages for full control over remarketing your catalog pages.

Rewards Program New! 

The new rewards program feature allows your customers to accumulate reward points for Products they purchase.  Once the goal is met, liveSite will grant them membership access for some period of time and/or send them an auto-responder with their award information.  There are many innovative ways you can use this feature to drive sales!

Enhanced Page Styles

For the web designer in all of us, we added additional CSS classes to all system pages styles so you can design additional graphical layers used by all the top designers, without the mess of coding HTML!

Enhanced Video Support

The Rich-text Editor has been upgraded to include more video formats and iOS5 video support.

Import Submitted Forms and Files

When you import submitted form data that contains file upload fields, liveSite will now reattach the files to the data automatically.

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Be sure to also download the software patch for v7.3 if you are using the Photo Gallery feature:
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