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Announcing liveSite 7.1[archived]

Camelback Web Architects is proud to announce that liveSite v7.1 is now available for download.

Mar.5.2011 / liveSite Release / 1 Comments

Camelback Web Architects is proud to announce that liveSite v7.1 is now available for download. We want to thank everyone for making liveSite such a big success!  Keep the great ideas and feedback coming and we'll keep coding!


What's New

With tons of new features — you'll swear it's more than a "point" release. 

Social Networking

We have built-in Facebook, Twitter, and Sharing Buttons into every public page so your site visitors can share your website pages with their friends. You no longer have to hassle with coding these yourself, or forgetting to add them to any new pages you create.

Who's Online

Now you can see who's on your site at any time, where they are from (geographically), and what pages they are visiting on your site.

Live Chat

Discover the power of connecting with your site visitors.  We have built chat features right into liveSite.  Fully customizable and no coding required.

Google Analytics

Analyzing your website traffic now got even easier.  With Google Analytics now built into liveSite, just enter your account number and all your pages are tracked automatically.  Again, no coding, and no worries.

New Dashboard

The Welcome screen has been redesigned to give you instant access to visitor trends, the most recent site updates, and the most recent activity across your entire website.

Custom Form Watch Lists

We also added the watch list feature to Custom Forms so your users can sign up to receive notices of any comments added once the form has been submitted. This is great for creating instant two-way active discussion threads.

RSS Catalogs

We added RSS capabilities to Catalog and Order Form Pages so visitors can subscribe to changes in your Catalogs, Product lines, or even down to a specific Product. This feature also makes it possible to automatically import your ever-changing catalog on a continuous basis into other systems like Google Merchant Center.

Form Editor

This new User privilege allows you to assign any User "edit" access to a specific Submitted Form without giving them access to all other submitted form data for a particular Custom Form.

Spam-free Site Registration

We added the CAPTCHA feature to the Registration Entrance Page Type to prevent non-human site registrations. We also shortened the CAPTCHA message so it doesn't wrap on more designs. 


The Comments feature is quickly becoming a key feature of liveSite, allowing interactivity in new and exciting ways. We've added file attachments to comments so you can create even richer discussion threads with your team and customers. Also, any links added to comments are converted to hyperlinks.  And to increase the volume of comments on your site, your site visitors can now control how much identity "reveal" they want to provide when adding any comment.

Watch Lists

Now it's even easier for your users to add themselves to any watch list at the same time they are adding their own comment.

My Attachments

We added a new view to the Files tab that displays all the files uploaded through either a Custom Form or a Comment.  This makes it easy to find these special files.  These files are not included in file pick lists, so they don't add clutter to your content editing tasks.

Adblock Plus Support

Ad regions have been improved to prevent ad blocking software from blocking the display of Ads.

Style Designer

You can now view the HTML source created by the Style Designer, and you can append your own code to the HTML <head> of the pages.  In addition, we now output the Page Style name in the HTML (<body class="YourPageStyleName">) providing even more flexibility in applying your own CSS to any specific Page Style.

Theme Designer

We made many improvements in the Theme Designer interface to make it easier to use:

  • When you launch the Theme Designer from the Edit Page screen, it will load the Page into the Preview Pane for you automatically.
  • You can view the CSS source that is created by the Theme Designer in real-time.
  • The Advanced Styling window opens in a large edit window and color codes your CSS syntax for easier coding.
  • When you are done editing, the Save buttons are always visible.  
  • The Theme Designer now supports pixel font sizes.


We have improved the Themes that are created with the Theme Designer:

  • We have added new custom formats to support styled paragraph boxes (which will now appear in the Rich-text Editor).
  • "link-content-more" Custom Format now has its own styling
  • The display of catalog items (within liveSite regions) of the Catalog Page and Catalog Detail Page Types has been improved.
  • Bulleting lists and block quotes now have a proper bottom margin.
  • Expanded the Theme Test Page to include the new Custom Formats.

NOTE: To get these improvements into your Themes, you'll need to open and save your Themes in the Theme Designer and new Themes will be generated.  We recommend that you save a new copy of your Theme before saving it with the Theme Designer in case you wish to review or resolve any differences.


We have removed the "item" and "software_catalog" CSS classes from any advanced styling within the default Themes and regenerated them with the v7.1 Theme Designer. This only affects the layout of any Catalog Page Types.

Rich-Text Editor

The Rich-text Editor has been updated with many improvements and fixes:

  • The Editor window now loads much faster.
  • Custom Formats are now forced to apply themselves to the correct HTML tags.
  • Most of the active Theme styling is preserved during editing.
  • You can now include iframes in your content.
  • The javascript pop-up link feature now works again.
  • Fixed issue where the Editor would sometimes load without content.

Enhanced PCI Compliance

As credit card companies continue to tighten their requirements, we are staying out in front of them:

  • If a payment gateway is used to process a transaction, liveSite will now only store the last 4 digits of the card used.
  • If a payment gateway is not used (transactions are processed offline at a later time), liveSite now encrypts all credit card information in the database with a unique private key that is created and stored within each installation of liveSite. We also added a way for you to remove the encrypted credit card information after you have processed the transactions.
  • Not only will liveSite automatically switch to Secure Mode during checkout, all Control Panel screens that display payment information will automatically switch into Secure Mode too, making sure that anytime payment information is displayed in a web browser, it is encrypted.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This change is retroactive, so once your liveSite is updated, any existing credit card data stored in your liveSite database that was already sent to a payment gateway will be removed.

XML Support

Remove system's embedded javascript when rendering pages that do not contain HTML (e.g. sitemap.xml) because it caused problems for systems that tried to parse the page data.

Video Library

We have improved the layout and organization of the built-in Video Tutorials to make way for even more videos, more descriptions, and searching and tagging of all videos.

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Added by CoasterGeek101

Livesite, I want to hug you! :) Just joking. Awesome release! I just upgraded!
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