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Camelback Web Architects announces liveSite 6.6[archived]

New Style Designer (HTML),  Theme Designer (CSS) and Javascript Editor top the list of great new built-in features.

Jul.1.2010 / liveSite Release / 0 Comments

Below is list of the main features we just added to liveSite.  All hosted sites will be upgraded this week.

Site Administration

Page Editing Restrictions
For those that need to enforce strict content management policies, now you can restrict any Content Editor from deleting pages. 

Improved Edit Mode
Editable Custom Form and Form View areas are now purple instead of blue for easier identification.  Also, a dotted black line now surrounds the interactive areafor eacj Page (also called the System Region) so it is easier to spot durign page editing.

Improved Help
Searching help documentation is now available within the pop-up help window linked to the Page Editing screen.

Site Design

Theme Designer new!
Create your own liveSite website designs with the new built-in Theme Designer.  Now anyone can create their own unique website designs.  Add backgrounds, change fonts, colors, widths, and even style menus and buttons without any CSS coding!  Themes can also be imported and exported, so they can be easily backed up, restored, or transferred between liveSites.

Style Designer new!
Create your own content layouts for liveSite with the new Style Designer.  Need to move around your content areas?  Drop in a new page footer, or a new menu?  No problem!  And no HTML coding!  

Javascript Editor new!
Now you can edit your javascript files directly through liveSite.  No more downloading and uploading your files when you need to make changes.

Improved Login Regions
You can now wrap your own HTML code around Login Region headers and footers for more flexibility.

Enhanced Login Form
We have updated the login form's submit button so that the form can be submitted by external JavaScript applications.

Content Management

Archive Feature new!
Now any Page can be archived.  Archived pages will still be available to any Site Editor, but not to any other visitor to the page.  Archived pages will not clutter liveSite views and selection pick lists either!

Form Management

Form View Directory Pages new!
This new Page Type allows you to combine data from many different Form List Views into a single page.  This feature is perfect when you want an entry page showing recent activity across all your site forums, for example.

Enhanced Form Confirmations
Now you can select a Form Item View as a Custom Form's Next Page or E-Mail Page. This allows you to totally customize the confirmation displayed to the form submitter, or e-mailed upon submittal.

Improved CAPTCHA
Improved the CAPTCHA question (for spam protection on public forms), and allow the CAPTCHA feature to be disabled in the Site Settings.

Commerce Management

Billing Address Verification
Now you can verify U.S. billing addresses via USPS database.

Enhanced Special Offers
Now you can show a product and it's special offer discount before it is added to a cart.  This improves sales by showing the discounts as early in the shopping process as possible.

Enhanced Shipping
Shipping Methods can now be enabled and/or disabled based on certain days of the week, and also with certain cut-off times. For example, you could offer free Christmas delivery for all orders placed before 3pm on December 21st, which could display only "air" shipping options and hidding any "ground" shipping options during the same period of time.

Auto-Select Feature new!
Products have been enhanced to allow for a new auto-selection property.  Auto-select Products can be added to any Cart without the need to select it using a checkbox, or specify a quantity.  This is useful for membership renewals, and other service-based products where it doesn't make sense to allow for more than a quantity of 1 per order.  Auto-select products can only be added to a Cart once, so this feature also prevents accidental quantities above 1 from getting processed.

Membership Management

Enhanced Membership Trials
You can now set the new member's Start Page whenever they submit a trial membership form.

Improved Login Process
The login process has been updated so that a user without control panel access, and no other page/file to forward them too, is forwarded to the "my account" page by default, instead of the site's home page.

Contact Management

Watch List Feature new!
Any user can now receive an e-mail alert whenever a comment is posted (published) to a particular page.  This is useful for notifying those interested in receiving updates from a forum thread, a blog, or any other page where comments are enabled.

Improved E-mail Campaigns
Custom Form List View Pages can now be sent as personalized E-mail Campaigns.  Also, Javascript code for any drop-down menus on the page being sent is now automatically stripped out since it can cause display problems with some e-mail client software. Improved performance of very large e-mail campaigns was also added.  

Improved E-Mail Notification Formatting
Custom Form Item View Pages can now be used to display and e-mail customized confirmation pages when a Custom Form is submitted.

Improved Contact Views
Contact Groups can now be easily displayed on all Contact views.


We hope you enjoy the new features.  You can view them all in action in the sandbox.

Thank you,
Camelback Web Architects
simply innovative. 

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