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Camelback Web Architects is pleased to announce liveSite Release 6.5[archived]

Edit CSS files directly without any FTP programs.  The new code highlighter makes short work of finding missing closing tags.

Mar.5.2010 / liveSite Release / 0 Comments

Site Administration

Content Editing Restrictions
For those that need to enforce strict content management policies, now you can restrict any Content Editor from creating certain page types, like photo galleries, order forms, or custom forms. In addition, you can further limit Content Editors to only editing existing pages.

Site Design

Online CSS Editor
Web Designers can now edit their CSS files directly within the website, without the need to download, edit, and re-upload. You can even make backup copies of your original CSS files, and preview changes before you make them live - all without leaving your browser window!

Code Highlighter
Web Designers can now enjoy built-in code highlighting.  All CSS and HTML code is automatically line numbered, and code elements are color-coded, making it easy to find and spot coding mistakes quickly.

Tag Clouds
You can now add keyword tag clouds to any website page or pages. Tag Clouds enhance site navigation, encourage exploration, and help your search engine ranking, by linking pages together automatically that share the same keywords.

Fading Ad Regions
You can now have the option to add a fade effect between ads instead of the just the slide effect.

Content Management

SEO Optimizer
We are excited to be the first Content Management System to integrate the real-time Search Engine Optimizer used by Disney, ESPN, PR Newswire, and other companies. Developed by Ecordia, a proven leader in SEO/SEM industry, this revolutionary technology allows you to analyze and score your web pages against the search engines with a click of a button, providing instant feedback on how well your web pages will rank in the search engines and what to do to dramatically improve it!  Rather than paying thousands of dollars each month for paid search engine advertising, or hiring expensive consultants to optimize your website, you can simply edit your pages and maximize site traffic for a fraction of the cost.

Improved Site Search
Now a page's meta keywords are also searched along with the page's content.  This feature is great for helping your site visitors find a page on your site using only a similar keyword that you may not want to mention in your content.

Form Management

Improved Auto-Responders
Auto-Responders are e-mails generated by actions, like a form being submitted, or a comment added to a page. Now the Subject line of these e-mail messages can be personalized to include form field values.

Commerce Management

Offline Payments
Now you can collect orders online even if they are too large for credit card purchases, or when invoicing is preferable or required.  This flexible feature allows you to control which orders can utilize an offline payment method, and which staff members are authorize to allow them.

Gift Certificate Support
Now customers can redeem Givex gift cards to supplement/replace online payment. This feature communicates securely with the Givex service, and displays the customer's card balance and adjusts the gift card balance in real-time upon use.

Enhanced Recurring Payments
Now orders that include only recurring products or only non-recurring products can be submitted successfully (i.e. either transaction is equal to $0.00), even when a payment gateway service is enabled.

Improved Reordering
Reordering has been improved to guard against reordering a product from a previous order that was added by an offer.

SEO Optimizer
The SEO Optimizer service has been integrated into products and product groups so you can dramatically improve your search engine ranking for all your catalog pages.

Contact Management

Duplicate Contacts Feature
Now you can view, edit, or export, your duplicate contacts.

Contact Merge Feature
Not only can you view you duplicate contacts, you can now merge them together.  Select one or all duplicate contacts and this feature will merge them together without losing any information, removing the merged contacts.

Business & Home Address Views
Now you can easily view and export any contacts that have a complete postal mailing address.


As always, thanks for all the great ideas that made this release possible.

Thank you,
Camelback Web Architects
simply innovative. 

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